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How to install iOS 16.3 on iPhone 11

Follow these steps to get the latest update on your iPhone 11

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on January 19, 2023
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So the new update is here, and you want to get hold of it. Understandable of course, and this article will help you install iOS 16.3. On the iPhone 11, the update is just as available as for newer phones. And below we’ll show you how to get it and answer your questions.

Apple’s iOS 16.3 brings with it a collection of neat changes to the major overhaul that was seen in iOS last year. The update is now in the public beta phase, is available for the iPhone 8 and later, and includes the new Unity 2023 Watch face and Unity Phone wallpaper to mark Black History Month.

Adding to what is already a fully featured main release, the 16.3 update is relatively minor, but still useful, adding changes to:

  1. Apple ID Security Keys – you can now use physical security keys for two-factor authentication (2FA) for Apple ID
  2. Call with hold – this feature, which allows you to call Emergency Services by holding down the side and a volume button, will now wait until the buttons are released to initiate the call, even once the countdown is complete.

How to get iOS 16.3 on iPhone 11

Should you not already have iOS 16 on your iPhone 11, you’re in for a treat – the wider update offers a complete overhaul for the lock screen, setting up ‘Focus’, changes to Messages, safari, Photos, Mail, and a whole lot more. And here’s how you can get the latest iteration



Create a backup first

You may not want to keep iOS 16.3, and so you’ll want to go back to what you had before.

To do that, make sure you backup your iPhone’s existing installation with the current version you are used to.



Sign up for public beta

Head to beta.apple.com, on your phone browser and sign in with your Apple ID. Make sure to select ‘Trust this browser’ if the browser asks you to.

Read through the Apple Beta Software Agreement, and agree to it if you want to. You’ll need to agree to it to take part in the beta to get iOS 16.3 before it’s fully released.



Enroll your device

Select ‘Enroll your iOS Device’.



Download 16.3 profile

Head to beta.apple.com/profile, on your iPhone, then download and install the profile.



Ensure profile is activated

Head to ‘General > VPN’, and then go to ‘Device Management’.

Select the iOS 16 beta profile.



Update software

Now head to ‘General > Software Update’ in Settings.

You should now have iOS 16.3 on your iPhone 11.

Can iPhone 11 get iOS 16?

Yes the iPhone 11 can get iOs 16. All iPhones that are an iPhone 8 or later can get iOS 16.

However, iPhones that don’t have LiDAR technology (included in the iPhone 12 Pro) will not be able to make use of the Door Detection or People Detection features, designed to help those with reduced vision. The full compatibility list for iOs 16 is below.

iOS 16.3 compatible devices

You can get iOs 16.3 on your device should you have one of the models in the list below:

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone SE (3rd generation)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8

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