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How To Organize Apps On Your iPhone

Organizing your iPhone homescreen and app folders can make your homescreen more efficient but also change your phone behavior for the better.

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on July 15, 2024
How to organize apps on your iPhone
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Considering how much we all pick up our phones every day, how often we use them, as well as how often we rely on them for important things like banking, tickets, and buying things, it makes sense that we should have some organization in this part of our life.

Beyond this, an organized iPhone can just be a truly aesthetic thing. If you are on social media you have probably seen people brag about their home screen and how organized it is, with pictures included.

This means organizing the apps on your phone. Generally, this is really easy and can be done in 15 minutes, but you may feel the positives of this organization for much longer.

Here’s our guide on how to do this on your iPhone as well as some tips on how to organize.


How To Organize Apps On Iphone

How to organize apps on your iPhone



Hold Down An App

Click on an app and hold down until all your apps begin to jiggle around, this means they are ready to be moved around.



Create A Folder

Either create a folder, or drag one app onto another similar app, this will also create a folder no matter what apps you drag onto which.



Sort Your Apps

Or sort your apps by page, by moving them to the relevant pages as you wish.



Rename Folder

You can rename the folder by holding it down should open a drop down box where you can select ‘Rename’. Pages cannot be named.



Remove Folder

To remove a folder, simply drag all the apps back onto the home screen.

All in all, this is a pretty simple operation many will have encountered before unless you are a previous Android user, but most users struggle with how they should organize their apps rather than how to literally do it.

Ways To Organize Your iPhone Home Screen

With the new iPhone models, you can add a whole host of things in your home screen such as widgets that can give you a peak at your photos or the time or calendar events while in the home screen view.

But we are going to give you helpful approaches to organizing your apps.

Social Media

Obviously, organizing apps by social media sounds pretty basic and obvious, but we can’t tell how much less we use these apps when they are within a folder.

Sometimes we don’t realize how easily we give into temptation.

When you are bored on your phone and your home screen immediately shows all your social media apps, you will always click on them.

When you make this click a little more removed it can help you go on social media less.

By Function

Organizing by function can be really helpful too, simply putting your exercise apps in one folder, your shopping apps in another, utility apps into their own folder, etc.

This can simply be a matter or organization and help you navigate your home screen easily.

This can be really helpful if you use electronic train tickets a lot, or something similar, simply click on a folder and you’ve found it.

By Action

A fun way to approach this, if your brain works this way, is to organize by action.

Having social media and text apps under ‘Chat’, have all your games in a folder called ‘Play’, this means when you are thinking of doing something you immediately know where to go to do it.

Alphabetical Or By Color

Again, this can suit different ways of thinking but some people just love having their apps sorted this way this can help you find one specific app easily.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are so many different ways to organize your iPhone apps and home screen.

We suggest figuring out how you search for your apps in the first place and then finding an organization method that suits this.

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