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While laptops are a fantastic bit of kit, especially nowadays with the heavy-duty components that go into them, screen size is always an issue when compared to your average monitor. However, while the majority of tech is getting smaller in size, the screen sizes of laptops are probably the biggest they’ve ever been in terms of real estate and are inching closer to that monitor-like experience on the go.

One such laptop configuration is the 17 inch laptop which provides not only portability but also that all-important larger screen experience, while not being tied down to a desktop machine.

In this article, we’ll be giving you our verdict on what the best 17 inch laptop money can buy is, as well as a few other 17 inch laptop variants that are deserving mentions as alternatives.

In choosing the best 17 inch laptop, they are obviously all going to have the same screen size but not all of these laptop types have the same internal specs or even the same screen resolution. With our picks, we’ve aimed to give you a number of different options in which cover all bases whether you want a laptop of this ilk for work, gaming, or maybe as a media playing device while on the go. Due to this, we’ve focused on strengths in these areas with special attention to processing ability, graphics components, and screen quality in an effort to provide the best 17 inch laptops on the market.

Our Recommended

Best 17 inch Laptop in 2022


Thin and light

10th gen CPU




Dell is a main staple in the laptop industry producing some pretty stellar laptops for a number of purposes. While you might think the Dell brand is more tailored to the ‘office’ market, that’s not strictly true and its devices do fantastically well with the majority of tasks you throw at them. One range in particular that always delivers is the XPS and this 17 inch model is no exception.

The 17 inch screen is a sight to behold with almost no bezels, showcasing that edge-to-edge look, along with UHD+ resolution for top-tier clarity. The colors are not only vivid but sharp too, making it a perfect choice if you’re in a creative field of work.

Looking under the hood, the XPS 17 utilizes the latest technology available sporting a 10th generation Intel CPU which brings desktop-caliber performance to a portable, hands-free device. Moreover, Dell has included 32GB DDR4 RAM for brilliant multi-tasking and a 1TB SSD which will cover you for a while.

For its gaming potential, the Dell uses a mobile version of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 making it certainly capable of handling most of today’s AAA titles with ease. The RTX 2060 itself comes with 6GB of GDDR6 RAM which is incredible considering how compact the laptop is and it certainly goes a long way when you want to crank up those graphical settings.

While the XPS 17 has incredible power packed in, this doesn’t affect the aesthetics one bit. The laptop is incredibly slim and light which is pretty astounding and something that you don’t typically see with these specs.


300Hz refresh rate display

RTX 2080 Super GPU

Great aesthetics


A bit flashy for work purposes

Coming in as our best gaming 17 inch laptop is the Gigabyte Aorus 17X and what a portable gaming machine this is. Not only does it boast an incredible graphics card, it has all the other elements of what PC gaming exemplifies.

Looking initially at the 17 inch screen though, it’s of an IPS nature with a 3ms response time and refresh rate of 300Hz. All of these aspects come together to produce a snappy display that’s perfect for gaming, even at the competitive level if you’re into titles like Valorant or CS:GO. The resolution maxes out at 1080p which is perfectly fine for a great gaming experience and still solid for other activities. It has anti-glare too which is useful for those wanting to game on the go with the Aorus, maybe on your commute to and from work.

What about that all-important gaming potential? Does it live up to the hype? Well, the 17x features an impressive NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super which is incredible considering you’re able to simply pick up and carry this device around. The 2080 Super will net you fantastic FPS levels in pretty much all games you’ll want to play and thanks to it being relatively new tech, it’s quite futureproof. If you want to use this laptop as a desktop alternative for gaming it’s certainly possible with the GPU allowing you to hook up up to three monitors if you so wish.

To pair with that GPU, it boasts an Intel i7-10875H and 32GB DDR4 RAM which not only enhances its gaming ability but also allows it to be used for a number of other tasks such as high-end video editing and other taxing jobs.

In terms of design, it’s definitely aesthetically pleasing with that shell lighting and futuristic look. Additionally, if you’re worried that the 2080 Super has impacted size and weight, you can put your mind at ease as the Aorus 17X is incredibly slim and light compared to gaming laptops of old.


Thin and light

10th gen CPU

17 hour battery life


No dedicated GPU

You’re probably used to seeing LG monitors and TVs and less so for laptops but their foray into the industry with the Gram has been inspired, producing one of the best 17 inch models we’ve seen in recent years.

The display of the LG isn’t quite full 4k but it does still offer up WQXGA quality which provides more sharpness and overall detail than that of 1080p. Additionally, the colors are extremely vivid and better than you’d typically see on similar competition.

For the internal specs, you can reap the benefits of a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor which is more than powerful enough to handle high-level 4K content production, quick application of video filters, high-resolution photo editing, and, if you fancy it, 1080p gaming. If you do want to get your game on, the Gram only has Intel Iris Plus Graphics which is respectable but not quite there when you compare it to the likes of a dedicated RTX GPU.

If you want a high-performance laptop with exceptional battery life then this is it. LG states that it lasts up to 17 hours which is far and above what you would usually expect and is perfect for those wanting to travel and don’t have outlet access.

Not only is it powerful, it has the looks to boot with a sleek and thin body that you’d typically expect a less impressive specced laptop to have. It really is a testament to LG that they’ve managed to pack in so much power in a Macbook-esque feeling device. The weight of the Gram is particularly stellar being less than 3lbs, making this probably the most portable high-performance laptop on the market right now.


300Hz refresh rate display

RTX 2070 Super GPU


Quite chunky

Alienware is a brand that you usually associate with gaming and for good reason with its flashy RGB lighting and overall aesthetics. But, their machines don’t just perform well in gaming environments and still do extremely well for a number of other purposes. A great example of this is with the Alienware Area-51m 17 inch laptop in which has those gaming elements but also has all the specs to perform brilliantly elsewhere.

For the display, you’re looking at a 1080p variant that comes with a 300Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time. This exceeds that of most actual monitors out there making it extremely impressive considering it’s packed into a portable machine.

For processing power and the other internal components, you can expect nothing sort of fantastic. The Alienware boasts an Intel i7-10700k coupled with 16GB DDR4 RAM which allows for intensive multitasking and makes light work of programs like Adobe Photoshop and video editing applications. Obviously, considering its Alienware, there’s a beast of a GPU inserted – the RTX 2070 Super. This enables you to have a mobile gaming experience comparable to that on a desktop which simply wasn’t possible just a few years ago.

The place where the Area-51m falls down a little is the chunkiness of the chassis. It has a large back module that’s a bit of an eyesore and brings down the overall aesthetics. That’s not to say that it’s still pretty great that it has the specs it has and still has a relatively small form factor. It’s still quite nice looking too with the usual Alienware RGB additions and sleek colors.



Things To Consider


Likely when you’re buying a laptop, you’re wanting it to offer a sense of portability otherwise you’d be opting for a desktop. For laptops with 17 inch screens, these are certainly less portable due to the size of that screen in comparison to 13 and 15 inch counterparts. However, the huge differences in portability can be had in the chassis of the laptop itself where some manufacturers pay special attention to and some simply do not.

Obviously, if you’re just wanting a laptop to use around the house then it’s not something that you need to consider that in-depth, but if you’re wanting a 17 inch laptop for on the go purposes, pay careful attention to the weight and thickness of the device as these can be huge differentiators in how easy it is to cart around.

Our Verdict

Overall, if you want a fantastic all-rounder that gets the job done, we think the Dell XPS 17 is the best 17 inch laptop. It provides the goods in terms of internal components, being more than powerful for the average user, ensuring you won’t be experiencing any slowdown when using those more resource-heavy programs. Moreover, due to its slim and light nature, it’s certainly more on the portable side in comparison to other options, perfect for those wanting to use it on the go.

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