MSI 271QRX release date speculation, features – what we know

Everything you need to know about the MSI 271QRX

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In the recent CES 2024 event, MSI revealed its plans to release a new 1440p OLED monitor, the MSI 271QRX. If you’re looking for a dynamic HDR10 experience packed in a QD-OLED panel, for less than $1000 this may be the monitor for you. But, when will it be available? And, what new features does it utilize? In this article, we take a look at the MSI 271QRX release date speculation, as well as focusing on its upgraded specs and price.

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MSI 271QRX – release date speculation

The 271QRX represents a significant opportunity for users to upgrade their setups with a gaming monitor that promises to elevate the gaming experience to new heights. After its launch announcement in January 2024, MSI is still yet to confirm an official release date for this product. However, after doing some digging we’ve found that the product is available for pre-order from various retailers. Overclockers and Scan, are just two of the websites that have the product listed as available for pre-order.

Additionally, on the Scan website, (page linked above) it states that the product is due on the 23rd of April, so perhaps we’ll be seeing the unit sooner than expected. It’s important to note, that all of this information is speculated and it’s always good to wait for confirmation from manufacturers themselves.

MSI 271QRX – features

SpecificationsMSI 271QRX
Size27 Inches
Resolution2560 x 1440
Refresh rate360 Hz
Response Time0.03ms
Panel TechnologyQD-OLED (Quantum Dot OLED)
Brightness250 nits
HDRDisplayHDR True Black 400

The MSI 271QRX is poised to redefine expectations in the gaming monitor market with its array of high-performance features and image quality. Central to its appeal is the utilization of a 27-inch Samsung Display next-gen QD-OLED panel, which combines Quantum Dot and OLED technology to deliver an unparalleled visual experience. This cutting-edge panel technology is complemented by a glossy anti-reflective screen surface, enhancing clarity and reducing distractions for gamers in any lighting condition.

At the heart of the 271QRX’s performance credentials is its impressive 360Hz refresh rate at a 2560 x 1440 resolution, offering maximum visuals and an edge in fast-paced gaming scenarios. This high refresh rate is perfectly matched with a 0.03 ms GTG response time, ensuring that blurry pixels are virtually nonexistent and every transition is crisp and immediate. Such specs position the 271QRX as an ideal choice for competitive gamers who demand precision and fluidity in their gaming sessions.

The devices support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology, including HDMI 2.1 VRR and Adaptive-Sync, extends compatibility across a wide array of systems, including PCs, Xbox Series X, and PS5. This broad support ensures that technologies like AMD FreeSync and Nvidia ‘G-SYNC Compatible’ can be utilized effectively, offering a VRR range of 48 – 360Hz plus Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) for a tear-free gaming experience across all frame rates.

The unit supports a fanless design that uses customized heatsinks and QD-OLED panels that are equipped with a graphene film, ensuring efficient and silent heat dispersion, and reducing the chances of OLED screen burn-in. The 271QRX will provide HDMI 2.1 ports with 48Gbps bandwidth and uses the HDMI CEC (consumer electronics control) function. Additionally, it will host a USB type-C (360 Hz max. DP alt) cable connection, which the user is able to do firmware updates through. The monitor also comes with an adjustable stand, which adapts to workspace and console position.

Furthermore, the 271QRX shines in HDR performance, boasting an extremely high contrast with VESA certification for ClearMR 13000 and DisplayHDR True Black 400. This, along with alternative HDR settings that allow for higher brightness peaks, ensures that HDR content is rendered with deep blacks, bright highlights, and a rich color palette that creates vivid images, thanks to the monitor’s 10-bit color depth and generous color gamut. The static contrast ratio of 150,000:1, combined with per-pixel dimming, guarantees that images are displayed with exceptional contrast and detail.

In conclusion, the MSI 271QRX stands out not just for its impressive technical specifications but also for the quality of the gaming experience it offers. Its combination of QD-OLED technology, high refresh rate, and robust HDR support makes it a powerhouse for competitive gaming and immersive single-player experiences alike.

For gamers looking to push their setup to the limits of performance and visual fidelity, the 271QRX is a compelling choice that promises to deliver a significant competitive edge and a truly dynamic HDR10 experience.

How much will the MSI 271QRX cost?

The MSI 271QRX offers an unbeatable combination of dynamic HDR10 capability and cutting-edge display technology for those seeking top-tier performance without breaking the bank. Despite its impressive power delivery and fast response times the 271QRX places itself on the lower end of the scale when regarding the cost of gaming monitors. With an enticing price tag of just $800/£1000, this monitor has captivated gamers and tech enthusiasts alike.

Final words

In essence, the MSI 271QRX emerges as a beacon for gamers seeking the zenith of display technology and performance. With its impeccable blend of QD-OLED brilliance, a staggering 360Hz refresh rate at 1440p, and HDR excellence, this monitor is tailor-made for enthusiasts who demand nothing less than perfection.

Whether you’re diving into the rich, detailed worlds of AAA titles or competing in the high-stakes arena of competitive gaming, the 271QRX stands ready to elevate your experience. For 1440p gamers who relish in the depth of immersive narratives as much as the adrenaline of achieving high FPS, the MSI 271QRX is not just a choice—it’s the ultimate upgrade to your gaming arsenal, ensuring every moment on screen is as breathtakingly vibrant as it is seamlessly fluid.

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