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Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) vs Odyssey G9 OLED (2023)

Comparing display technologies
Last Updated on January 16, 2024
Comparing Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) and Odyssey G9 OLED (2023).
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In the ever-evolving world of gaming monitors, Samsung has established itself as a leader with its Odyssey G9 OLED series. With the recent announcement of the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024), gamers and tech enthusiasts are curious to know how it compares to its predecessor, the Odyssey G9 OLED (2023).

In this comparison article, we will delve into the key differences between the two models, including their specifications, features, and pricing, to determine if the latest iteration is truly an upgrade.

Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) vs Odyssey G9 OLED (2023): Specs showdown

Let’s start by examining the specifications of the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) and the Odyssey G9 OLED (2023). Both monitors share similarities in terms of size, aspect ratio, resolution, and refresh rate. However, there are some notable differences that set them apart.

Size and aspect ratio

The Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) and the Odyssey G9 OLED (2023) both feature a massive 49-inch curved display. This ultra-wide screen provides an immersive gaming experience, allowing players to see more of the game world. Additionally, both monitors boast a 32:9 aspect ratio, which further enhances the panoramic view.


In terms of resolution, the Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) and the Odyssey G9 OLED (2023) offer the same impressive 5120×1440 resolution. This resolution ensures sharp and detailed visuals, allowing gamers to enjoy games with stunning clarity.

Refresh rate

One of the key factors that gamers consider when choosing a monitor is the refresh rate. The Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) and the Odyssey G9 OLED (2023) both excel in this aspect. The previous model, Odyssey G9 OLED (2023), offers a refresh rate of 240Hz, providing smooth and fluid gameplay. The newer Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) also offers a refresh rate of 240Hz, delivering a responsive gaming experience.

Response time

When it comes to response time, both monitors boast an impressive 0.03ms GtG (Gray-to-Gray) response time. This ultra-fast response time minimizes motion blur and ghosting, ensuring that every movement in-game is displayed with precision and clarity.

Panel technology

The Odyssey G9 OLED series stands out from other gaming monitors due to its use of Quantum Dot OLED (QD-OLED) panel technology. This technology combines the benefits of OLED displays, such as deep blacks and vibrant colors, with the advantages of Quantum Dot technology, including enhanced brightness and color accuracy. Both the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) and the Odyssey G9 OLED (2023) utilize this advanced panel technology, resulting in stunning visuals.    

Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) vs Odyssey G9 OLED (2023): Features

Exploring the innovative features of the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) alongside the acclaimed Odyssey G9 OLED (2023) reveals how Samsung continues to push the boundaries of gaming monitor technology.

Glare-Free OLED technology

The Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) introduces a remarkable feature – “OLED Glare-Free technology.” This groundbreaking addition significantly reduces screen glare, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience even in brightly lit environments. Such technological advancement provides gamers with an uninterrupted view, enhancing the overall visual quality of their gaming sessions.

Enhanced connectivity with the Samsung ecosystem

In the 2024 model, Samsung elevates the user experience by enhancing the connectivity between the Odyssey G9 OLED and other Samsung devices. The monitor includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, making it easier to connect and synchronize with a range of devices. This seamless connectivity is complemented by the inclusion of Samsung’s smart TV platform, which transforms the monitor into a versatile entertainment hub, allowing access to popular streaming services like Netflix.

The Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) also supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, ensuring a fluid and tear-free gaming experience. This, combined with the monitor’s sleek design and dual UHD capabilities, makes it a standout choice for both gaming and general entertainment needs.

Smart home integration

Further enhancing its utility, the Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) integrates with the Samsung SmartThings hub, part of the Home Connectivity Alliance. This feature allows users to control a wide range of smart home devices directly from their monitor, showcasing Samsung’s commitment to creating a cohesive and intuitive ecosystem for its users.

HDR and gaming features

Both the 2024 and 2023 models boast HDR capabilities, delivering stunning visuals with deep blacks and vibrant colors. The Samsung Gaming Hub, present in both models, offers a gateway to a vast library of streaming games, elevating the gaming experience to new heights.

In conclusion, while the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2023) set a high standard in gaming monitors, the Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) raises the bar even higher with its advanced glare-free technology, enhanced connectivity, and smart home integration. These features make the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) a compelling choice for gamers and tech enthusiasts seeking the best in gaming monitor technology.

Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) vs Odyssey G9 OLED (2023): Price

When it comes to the anticipated price of the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024), we can look to its predecessor, the Odyssey G9 OLED (2023), for a ballpark figure. Samsung’s Odyssey OLED series is renowned for its premium features and top-tier performance, and the price typically mirrors this high-end positioning.

The Odyssey G9 OLED (2023), introduced with a slim metal design that added both aesthetics and durability, was priced as a high-end gaming monitor. This pricing reflected the sophisticated technology and immersive experience it offered. As the 2024 model is set to build upon these impressive features, it’s reasonable to expect that the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) will be in a similar price range, though possibly slightly higher due to its newer enhancements and innovations.

Moreover, the launch window might also play a role in the pricing. If Samsung follows its typical release pattern, we might see the Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) hitting the market around June, which could coincide with industry events or sales periods, potentially influencing its initial pricing strategy.

In summary, while the exact price of the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) remains under wraps, prospective buyers should prepare for an investment in line with what’s expected from Samsung’s premium Odyssey OLED series. The new model’s advancements and design enhancements will likely make it a worthwhile choice for those seeking the pinnacle of gaming monitor technology.

Is the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) better than the Odyssey G9 OLED (2023)?

The Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) vs Odyssey G9 OLED (2023) comparison highlights the continuous evolution in Samsung’s OLED monitors. While both models stand out in their own right, the 2024 edition comes with enhancements that refine the user experience.

Notable upgrades in the 2024 model

The Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) maintains the core strengths of its predecessor and adds subtle yet impactful improvements. These include advanced glare-free technology for more comfortable viewing and integrated smart features that enhance its versatility as a monitor. The 2024 model also conforms to VESA DisplayHDR standards, ensuring high-quality HDR content is displayed with superior contrast and color accuracy.

Enhanced productivity and entertainment

Acknowledging the growing trend of monitors serving multiple roles, the Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) excels both as a gaming display and as a smart monitor for efficient work processes. The inclusion of VESA mount compatibility offers flexibility in how and where the monitor can be used, catering to different spatial needs.

Deciding to upgrade

Choosing between the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED (2024) and its 2023 counterpart ultimately depends on your specific requirements. If you’re seeking the very latest in monitor technology with some added smart features, the 2024 model is a worthy investment. However, if you’re satisfied with the outstanding performance of the 2023 model and don’t require the latest enhancements, it remains a highly capable choice.

In conclusion, both models in the Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED series represent the pinnacle of gaming monitor technology. The 2024 version, with its incremental upgrades, positions itself as a top contender for those looking for a cutting-edge OLED gaming experience combined with smart monitor functionalities.

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