3D printer enthusiasts can finally create their own 3D printer-shaped wireless charger

3D printer-shaped wireless charger on a gradient blue and purple background.

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Have you been searching for a wireless charger that accurately reflects your love for the futuristic 3D printer? Manufacturer Bambu Labs may have heard your pleas after releasing a kit that allows you to build your very own 3D printer-shaped wireless charger—as long as you 3D print the shell materials, that is.

The wireless charger kit Bambu Labs is offering only contains the parts necessary to run the wireless charger. This means the uniquely designed image on its product page won’t come with the package, and you’ll have to provide the exterior yourself. With this in mind, you won’t need to follow Bambu Labs’ design to the tee. Despite it being modeled after the company’s A1 mini printer, which, although it didn’t quite make our list of the best small 3D printers in 2024, remains one of the best in the market, you can alter some of its aspects, like its color, if you choose to do so.

Choose from two designs to model your 3D printer wireless charger after

Once you’ve printed out the shell for your A1 mini printer-themed wireless charger, you’ll need to connect a Type-C cable to power it. As soon as you start charging the device, the Z-axis will move up and down to mirror the 3D printing process. Though, of course, it won’t actually be doing any of the printing. An indicator and logo light will also light up simultaneously while your device is on the charger for added aesthetic effect.

Now, Bambu Labs’ A1 mini printer isn’t the only 3D printer you can model your DIY wireless charger after. You can also download the model files for an Air Force Command Headquarters. This turns your wireless charger into a landing pad for fighter jets, complete with a swiveling satellite on top of the command tower. No matter what design you choose, though, it’s safe to say that this kit gives a normally mundane charging device some much-needed pop and color that’ll brighten up any room.

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