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A new ROG Ally is on the way and fans are already desperate for clues

Last Updated on May 9, 2024
A new ROG Ally is on the way and fans are already desperate for clues
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Now that the ASUS ROG Ally is closing in on its first birthday, it’s time to celebrate. First off, ASUS ran a giveaway for a ROG Ally… pillow (we can’t be mad, it’s actually adorable), and now they’ve revealed the next step in their handheld journey to be an upgrade to the original as they schedule an announcement for ‘the next ROG Ally’.

Fans have already been speculating and putting forward what they want to see in this new device. On top of that though, a clue to what could be coming in the refresh has been spotted, though there isn’t too much to work with at the moment.

ASUS schedule the next ROG Ally announcement

An official announcement is due to take place on ROG Pulse, a weekly podcast that covers everything to do with Republic Of Gamers-branded tech. A YouTube stream has been scheduled to take place on May 9th, at 8PM BST / 12PM PT. All we can see from this announcement is that ‘the next ROG Ally’ is on the way. Luckily you don’t have to wait long at all, so any kind of speculation can be quickly resolved.

What do we know so far?

In all honesty, there isn’t much information out there regarding specs improvements but there are some great predictions. Given the timespan, it makes more sense for this to be more of a mid-life refresh than an actual sequel. Fans are speculating that a better battery will be included – one of the device’s main downfalls, or even an OLED display akin to the latest Steam Deck.

One thing that has actually been announced is a new UI update coming to Armour Crate SE, as mentioned in this official post. This is aimed at improving the user experience and will be discussed as part of the livestream above. A possible teaser comes from another giveaway post from ASUS which invited us to spot all the ROG Ally devices in an image. There was an anomaly though (other than the pillow), as a black model was spotted peeking out, leading fans to wonder if this is indeed the new model. We just hope it’s not an MSI Claw in disguise, though eagled-eyed fans have already dismissed that possibility.

Potential new ASUS ROG Ally model, in black (source: u/TriBlade2001)
Potential new ASUS ROG Ally model, in black (source: u/TriBlade2001)

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