Amazon Dash Cart to revolutionize the supermarket experience

Say goodbye to cashier interaction

Amazon Dash Cart to revolutionize the supermarket experience

What’s the worst thing about the grocery store? The people, right? Well, all that is about to change…

The Dash Cart will be the defining feature of Amazon’s first real-life grocery store. The company calls it “a new smart shopping cart that makes a quick grocery trip even quicker by allowing you to skip the checkout line.”

The store, which will be opening up in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles later this year, was previously home to a Toys ‘R’ Us warehouse and is three times bigger than an average grocery store.

The Dash Cart is similar to the already rolled out process in Amazon’s Go stores. Instead of relying on wall-mounted cameras, however, the Dash Cart will utilize its built-in scale, cameras, and sensors to work out what you’re buying and deducting that amount from the card associated with your Amazon account. No scanning, or people, necessary!

The cart is meant for small to medium-sized shopping trips, fitting two bags, and has some pretty handy features. There’s a display screen at the top of the cart where you can access your Alexa Shopping List, so you can check items off and view your subtotal. There’s even a coupon scanner installed into every cart to maximize savings. 

It all seems quite futuristic and it’s hard to imagine how this could work. Apparently, shoppers will be able to scan a QR code at the station where carts are available, allowing them to easily sign into their Amazon account. On the way out, sensors operating at the Amazon Dash Cart Lane will process your payment and your receipt will be emailed to you. 

And there you have it! You can even let the cart know if you’ve added a jacket or purse, so you won’t have to worry about carrying it around. Happy shopping for everyone involved… so, just you.  

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