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AMD Advantage Desktops announced at RDNA 3 event

AMD goes all in on delivering desktop performance with integrators
Last Updated on November 3, 2022
AMD Advantage Dekstops - hero
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AMD came out swinging during its ‘together we advance_gaming’ event in Las Vegas. But not only did we get two new graphics card reveals, there was much more besides – including AMD Advantage Desktops.

AMD Advantage has been a laptop project til now, with AMD determined to help users get the best gaming experience from their components in complete laptop forms delivered by top manufacturers.

The likes of ASUS, Alienware, Corsair, Lenovo, and MSI offer AMD Advantage laptops. And the focus is high-performance notebooks that punch upwards while being portable and relatively cool.

AMD Advantage Desktops announced

But now AMD Advantage Desktops will be a focus too, the company’s Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions and Marketing, Frank Azor announcing the new area while explaining how harnessing AMD’s ecosystem can benefit users:

“We’ve partnered with several leading system integrators, to bring you these turn-key solutions, so that whether you are gaming, streaming, or creating, Advantage Desktops have been designed and developed with our partners to be the best desktops that you’ll find in the market.”

That’s a big claim, but off the back of AMD’s announcements, a combination of the impressive AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, mighty-seeming Radeon RX 7900 XTX, and the company’s new Smart Technologies AMD software, they may pull it off.

“All the incredible performance that you saw here today from the RX 7900 XTX…well that’s what you can expect from Advantage desktops”.

Amplified Performance

Azor spoke of ‘Amplified Performance’ delivered through a harmony of AMD components augmented by the likes of Smart Access Memory and Smart Access Video. Not to forget Radeon Super Resolution, AMD Noise suppression, and Hyper RX.

It’s a cohesive look, and it makes sense for AMD to bring its laptop learnings to the desktop. In fact, especially at a time when the upgrade and new build options are so many.

While users may not want to have to build a system to make sure everything works well, a ‘full AMD’ build logically makes sense. And it’s something neither Nvidia nor Intel (okay maybe) can lean into.

Further than AMD’s key products, Azor assured that AMD Advantage Desktops will take all components into consideration to ensure a harmonious and performance-optimized system.

AMD is looking beyond the box too though. Azor offered “it all comes together when you pair them with one of the over 2,500 AMD FreeSync monitors available”. It all sounds impressive, and AMD is promising each AMD Advantage Desktop will provide:

Advantage Desktops details so far

  • A premium chassis
  • Liquid cooled CPU
  • 2TB+ NVMe SSD storage
  • 32GB+ Expo DDR5 memory
  • Tool-less entry
  • 80 Plus Gold certified power supply

It’s an impressive list of system integrators too, with AMD partnering with CSL, CyberpowerPC, Ebuyer, Falcon Northwest, Maingear, Origin, and Xidax.

There’s no immediate availability for systems of course. But there is an AMD Advantage Desktops signup page, as AMD begins to mount what seems a pretty potent charge in the shadow of Ryzen 9 7950X, RX 7000 XTX, and RDNA 3.

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