AMD Zen 5 faces tough competition with new Intel Arrow Lake leaks

Comparison between Intel Arrow Lake and AMD Zen 5 processors.

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A war is brewing between the Intel Arrow Lake and AMD Zen 5. Both CPUs are highly anticipated for the rumors of their high performance and impressive speed. But, with both rumored to be releasing in late 2024, it’s easy to see how tough the competition will be. Who is going to come out on top?

A recent leak courtesy of Moore’s Law is Dead suggests that Arrow Lake is going to have at least 25 to 35% more CPU performance than Meteor Lake. This is while still using the same core chip count. This is going to be insanely hard for Team Red to beat. No matter how impressive the Zen 5 is, better performance with no extra chips is hard to beat.

Intel Arrow Lake and AMD Zen 5 are ready to battle for top CPU

Moore’s Law is Dead also says that the late 2024 launch date rumor for Arrow Lake that’s been going around is still on track. This will be followed by the Lunar Lake chips which are also slated for a late Q4 2024 release. This puts even more competition out for AMD Zen 5. However, Lunar Lake chips are designed for thinner and lighter laptops, so they won’t be in direct competition. Still, the Zen 5 will have a lot to live up to if the leaked performance gains are to be believed.

Other information on the Intel CPUs from Moore’s Law is Dead suggests that the chips will use the same amount of Xe Cores. It will be up to eight, to be exact. However, Arrow Lake will utilize Alchemist+, while Lunar Lake opts for Battlemage.

As we get closer to the end of the year, more information will come out about all three CPUs. AMD Zen 5 and Intel Arrow Lake are going to be in direct competition with one another. Only time will tell which CPU will get ahead. While Intel Arrow Lake is looking more and more impressive with each rumor, there’s still a chance for AMD Zen 5 to claim the top spot.

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