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Apple is restricting Apple Vision Pro app developers, and here’s why

Last Updated on April 9, 2024
Virtual reality headset featuring Apple Vision Pro apps against a gradient blue background.
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The Apple Vision Pro has been proven to be capable of plenty of feats. However, it seems like Apple itself may be limiting the potential of the mixed-reality headset. A new rumor is spreading that Apple may be limiting the apps available on the Apple Vision Pro.

The rumors, first reported by 9to5Mac, suggest that Apple is limiting the way third-party app developers can access the camera in the Apple Vision Pro. This restricts the developers from creating the apps they want. While on other platforms, like Google Glass, these restrictions aren’t there, Apple has locked down access to the Vision Pro for privacy concerns. This means that many app developers can’t make the apps they want to.

There’s a reason why Apple is restricting apps for the Apple Vision Pro

While this seems like a detriment, there’s a good reason why Apple is limiting this access. The tech giant has always been known for their security and privacy protections. Limiting the camera access on the app can prevent third-party developers from making apps with more questionable motives from invading unsuspecting users’ privacy. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch, and if one suspect app makes its way onto the platform, it can cause an outcry similar to what happened to Google Glass.

However, this limits app developers with genuine intentions. For example, app developer Kalani Helekunihi is limited on the Vision Pro. He’s unable to create an app for the elderly and vision impaired, which acts as a “virtual cane” by letting them know their surroundings and when they’re approaching obstacles.

Whether there’s a balance to be found is unknown as of now. Apple is, as mentioned above, known for its security and privacy protections. It’s completely understandable that it wants to not make users or passersby feel uncomfortable by the Vision Pro. Without these privacy limitations, it’s possible that anyone could be recorded without their consent at any time. For that reason alone, it’s likely a good thing that Apple is imposing these restrictions.

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