Apple VR headset leaked – Here’s what you need to know

Is Apple gearing up for the Metaverse too? Let's get into it.

Apple VR headset leaked

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On-point analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has set the internet ablaze with new information regarding Apple’s VR/AR venture. Not only is a production delay expected due to its complex build, but it will be employing the latest in WiFi 6 technology thanks to an investor note spotted by 9to5Mac. More specifically, it’s expected to include WiFi 6/6E support, but why is this so important?

Will Apple cut the wires with macOS for Apple VR?

Apple VR is also going to be an augmented reality affair, which requires high-resolution overlays of live captured content. That is a lot of data to transfer wirelessly, it also wasn’t possible until the power of WiFi 6 rolled up. It’s not a new technology, with some internet service providers providing WiFi 6 enabled router combos with their existing packages. Also, the latest Oculus Quest 2 models also support WiFi 6 for a sub $300 price point.

This means we’re getting a powerful, and premium headset, which also hopefully mean no gimmicks and a solid experience. Apple apparently has a top-secret team working on Apple VR/AR right now, which makes complete sense given the rise of the Metaverse and companies making a solid commitment to VR/AR solutions both socially and professionally.

one of many patents for Apple’s VR adventures. Credit: MacRumors

Based on patent filings, Apple has been working on AR/VR technologies that include headsets, glasses, and integrated functionality into existing technology for the last ten years. Their secret team is now in its hundreds and made up of employees from recent acquisitions and poached from Microsoft and Lytro. Leading virtual reality expert, Doug Bowman, is now also on Apple’s Paywall according to MacRumors.

Apparently, Apple’s internal prototype builds are heavily inspired by Microsoft Hollowlens and the Oculus Rift, leading many to believe Apple Glasses and a tethered Apple VR headset is in the works. With CEO Tim Cook believing VR is “Really Cool” and has “Some interesting applications”, it seems that tethered Apple VR headset will now be wireless and out in 2022 or 2023.

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