Apple Watch 7 Pre Order Start This Friday

The new iteration of Apple Watch is almost here

Apple Watch 7

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Apple Watch 7 will be available in stores from 15th October, with pre orders starting from 1 PM GMT on 8th October, according to

The New Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch 7 Features

Apple Watch 7 has a 20% bigger screen area than the Apple Watch 6 thanks to a 40% reduction on borders. The always-on OLED Retina display is 70% brighter when your wrist is down, which means you can see the time and other notifications without needing the raise your wrist or tap the screen. In other news, normal watches have had some of these features since 1868, but they never looked this good thanks to the Apple Watch 7s curved glass edges that blend seamlessly with its casing whilst reacting light.

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Apple Watch 7 Has Many Faces…

It sports 33% faster charge time than the Apple Watch 7, with 8 mins of charging providing eight hours of sleep tracking. Apple Watch 7 supports a full QUERTY keyboard layout thanks to its system and button re-design. It uses QuickPath, a form of machine learning that predicts what you’re writing over time for quick messaging. Scribble allows you to draw letters if you prefer a more traditional approach to messages, just like Queen Atossa of Persia sending the first letter around 500BC. OK, we’ll stop.

The always-on Retina display is also crack-resistant thanks to Apple’s strong front crystal to date (50% stronger than Apple Watch 6), IP6X certified dust resistance, and WR50 water resistance in case you really need to send a message whilst swimming. Its new sensor and app allow you to perform an ECG whenever you’d like alongside checking heart rates and sleep tracking. Apparently, it is the same as generating an ECG from a single-lead electrocardiogram, a great feature for anyone with heart-based health issues or thinks of Google as their woke Doctor. Apple Fitness + adds to all this with a guided meditation which is complimented by relaxing pictures themed by calm, gratitude, or kindness. Apple Watch 7 supports eSIM/Celular connections for remote use without an iPhone.

Where To Pre Order Apple Watch 7

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