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Assisting in spinal surgery is now one of the features of Apple Vision Pro

Last Updated on March 13, 2024
A pair of ski goggles against a blue gradient background, flanked by a medical symbol to the right and an Apple Vision Pro logo to the left.
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The Apple Vision Pro is an impressive piece of tech, with tons of uses. The latest use of it is perhaps the most stunning, though. A nurse recently used the Apple Vision Pro to assist in a spinal surgery.

The team at the Cromwell Hospital in London, specifically the lead scrub nurse Suvi Verho, donned the VR goggles while assisting in a spinal operation. The goggles were worn during the procedure to help prepare for the surgery, pick out the right tools, and keep track of how the operation was going. Verho told The Daily Mail that the technology was a game-changer, reducing human error and giving her confidence.

The Apple Vision Pro is changing the game for surgery assistance

The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s version of the mixed reality headset. It allows users to see the world around them but enhanced. Specifically, Verho used an app developed by eXeX during the procedure. It displayed vital information for the surgery using superimposed virtual screens. While not worn by the surgeons directly, it allowed the assistants to

The company eXeX has been in the business of improving medical technology by implementing mixed reality for some time now. Other hospitals have used the apps developed to assist in procedures. As more advancements in the app are made, the more efficient the surgeries are. This could be a huge advancement for reducing and possibly eliminating mistakes from the procedures.

Human error is always a factor when it comes to medicine, but using the VR headset could be a huge breakthrough. With specific instructions and vital information displayed for the entirety of the procedure, it could reduce this risk almost entirely. More medical advancements are supposedly coming for the Apple Vision Pro, as a blog post states that they are “thrilled to see the incredible apps that developers across the healthcare community are bringing to Apple Vision Pro”. These advancements could save lives and improve medicine as we know it.

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