Cool idea alert – X-Ray wallpapers let you ‘see’ inside your Surface

See into the deep, dark secrets of your machine

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We know we are always on the lookout for cool wallpapers. It gets to that time out of the blue where we suddenly decide to change the backdrop to our electronic lives and then go on a frantic hunt for something to replace it and become part of our lives until the next time we get bored of it.

Well, Reddit user ‘cuiver’ has just shared something that should definitely be the wallpaper for your Microsoft Surface machine for the foreseeable future.

The X-Ray style wallpapers replicate what is actually behind your display, giving you a unique insight into the innards of your portable. They come in a monochrome style and highlight the layers of the components, just as you would see them if you took a multi-thousand dollar X-Ray machine to the laptop itself. Cool.

There are wallpapers for the Surface Go, Surface Go 2, and Surface Pro X and you should go and grab them immediately if you are a Surface owner.

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