DJI Action 2: GoPro competitor takes second stab at action camera

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DJI is in full swing of their release schedule, as they not only plan on launching a new Mavic 3 drone in the next few days (it leaked) and their new Ronin and Osmo replacement, the Ronin 4D, a gimbal that comes with a high-end camera on the end in 6K and 8K variations.

But DJI has been trying to make huge waves in the action camera space for a while now, first with their Osmo Pocket (now just Pocket) and their Osmo Action (now just Action), a deliberately designed piece of kit to look as close to a GoPro as possible. Each one has had its benefits but never seemed to take off in the way that they hoped for. They’re good cameras, just missing certain things each time.

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Action 2 seems to be taking a weird step in the direction of what people wanted out of the original Action. The GoPro 10 stuck to its guns and improved on what made the last two iterations great, while DJI is… doing what DJI does best. Experimenting. When you’re raking in the cash on drones, your smaller products get to be a bit more ‘fun’.

If anything, this seems to be gunning for another Chinese brand, Insta360, who have doubled down on their tiny little action camera the Go, and released the Go 2. It does 1440p video but is literally no bigger than a small pinky finger.

The Action 2 features up to 4K at 120fps and at 1080p it can do 240fps. It has 32GB built-in, can take a microSD card, and is modular.

Using magnets, the Action 2 can connect either additional batteries or a second monitor that has a touch screen and Gorilla Glass.

The DJI Action 2 launches in two different bundles, with all the accessories coming later on in November. It’ll cost $529/£455 for the extra screen bundle and $399/£329 for the power bundle, which includes the additional battery.

Each bundle comes with a lanyard and mount, but the more expensive bundle of the two comes with a ball-joint adapter.

It’ll come out on November 2nd, with pre-orders open now on DJI’s website and available elsewhere on launch day.