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For a limited time, get a free copy of the classic world domination strategy game

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Rebellion is giving away free copies for the original Evil Genius game, in preparation for the release of the follow up later this year.

To grab a free copy of the game, head over to Rebellion’s website, create an account with them, then link your Steam account, and claim your free game.

There’s no time limit given on this deal, they’ve just said it’s for a limited time, so don’t delay if you want to get in on this freebie.

This game originally released way back in 2004, and it turns the tables on the traditional spy thriller premise, by putting you in charge of an Evil Genius trying to conquer the world. You’ll have to manage your evil lair, setting up traps for spies trying to infiltrate your headquarters, and sending minions on missions to further your wicked schemes.

It’s a classic slice of irreverent British humor and an interesting relic from a time when this kind of management strategy game was starting to become quite popular. Certainly worth revisiting if that sounds of interest to you, and to get an idea of what we might expect from the sequel due out sometime in 2020.

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