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Forza Horizon 4 enters Steam Deck Top 10 following delisting announcement & Summer price cut

Racing closer to the top of the charts
Last Updated on July 1, 2024
Forza Horizon 4 gameplay screenshot
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Valve’s recent addition of a dedicated ‘Steam Deck Top Played’ page on the Steam store is a welcome one. We recently saw that Elden Ring became the most-played game on the popular handheld device, no doubt accelerated by a discount price and the new Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. However, a different game has caught our eye in the top 10 – Forza Horizon 4.

Even though it’s not the latest game in the Forza series, Horizon 4 has shot up in popularity. While the Steam Summer Sale is ongoing, we expect to see older games like this see some resurgence due to massive discounts, though we imagine news that Forza Horizon 4 will soon be delisted is another big reason why.

Forza Horizon 4 is in the top 10 Steam Deck games this week

Just a few days ago, Forza Horizon 4 became 80% off to kick off the Steam Summer Sale – not long after an announcement that revealed the game will be removed from Steam this December. The good news is that it’s yours to keep as long as you buy before then, prompting a large amount of people to grab the game while it’s on sale. Coming in at 9th place, it’s the only game on the list that isn’t Steam Deck Verified, but it is at least rated as ‘Playable’ and proving to be a great game for the Deck.

Whether you’re playing on Steam Deck or not, this data shows that the older title is getting a lot of attention, especially since the newer Forza Horizon 5 remains more expensive, though with a 50% discount of its own. The Summer Sale lasts until July 11, and we recommend picking up FH4 if you’re a racing game enjoyer or simply have a fear of missing out.

Top 10 played games on Steam Deck this week, source: Steam

Should you get Forza Horizon 4 for Steam Deck?

Officially, Forza Horizon 4 is rated as ‘Playable’ on Steam Deck, so it doesn’t have full verification from Valve. That being said, many people have taken to ProtonDB to confirm that the game works well on the handheld device. Plus, the sudden introduction to the top 10 must be a good sign regardless.

Performance aside, we think that racing games are a good fit for the Steam Deck, a genre that is typically designed with controllers (or steering wheels) in mind. At its new low price (the lowest ever according to SteamDB), we’d say that FH4 is well worth trying out on the Steam Deck.

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