Gamescom: Samsung Unveils New Odyssey Gaming Monitors with Built-In Cloud Gaming Access

Samsung debuts its new Odyssey gaming monitors that feature a full suite of cloud gaming options.

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The big reveals don’t stop at Gamescom as all-new Samsung gaming monitors get put on full display featuring quick and easy access to streaming platforms such as Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

The new products come in the form of the Samsung Odyssey G70B and Samsung Odyssey G65B, both of which will leverage the company’s built-in Gaming Hub apparatus, making Samsung’s new Odyssey models must-have gaming monitors.

As with most Samsung Odyssey monitors, both variants will be kitted out with a ton of awesome features. 

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For one, specifically the G65B, Samsung has chosen a curved design that sports 1440p at 240Hz. It’s unclear what LCD type of monitor the G65B is currently, as Samsung has yet to specify, but it could be either VA or TN.

The Samsung Odyssey G70B, on the other hand, will use an IPS flat screen with 4K support at 144Hz. Both monitors will come in 27 and 32-inch options with 1ms gray-to-gray response times. 

While they may not be anything like the Samsung Odyssey Ark, a curved 4K Quantum Mini-LED beast of a product (that even took home 2022’s CES Innovation Award), the new Samsung gaming monitors still provide immense excitement in their underlying Smart Platform integration.

This technology allows Odyssey 670B and Odyssey G65B consumers to utilize a variety of devices, like PCs, iPhones, Apple AirPlay, and more, to seamlessly cast to the monitor, which means users won’t even really need a full gaming PC. 

Samsung has integrated its Gaming Hub into every new iteration of the Samsung Odyssey line of monitors, allowing users not only to easily access their varied cloud gaming services but also to launch specific applications, like Netflix or Amazon Prime, without the need for a PC or additional device.

Of course, Samsung’s Gaming Hub comes kitted with a variety of user-setting tweaks, so gamers can get the best out of their time through increased response times, gaming modes, screen ratios, and much more. 

Although the firm has not given any additional information on when consumers can expect the new Samsung gaming monitors or what their price ranges may sit at, the company did say to expect them around the Q4 window.

As for pricing, given that the current-standing Samsung Odyssey G70A sits at about $800 for the 28-inch option, potential consumers can expect a somewhat beefier price tag for the newer products upon launch. 

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