Get the Apple Watch Series 5 for $100 off

Amazon has discounts on the GPS and Cellular variants

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The latest release of Apple’s smartwatch has been discounted by $100 over on Amazon, letting you get either the 40mm model with GPS connectivity for just $299 or $399 with GPS + Cellular connectivity. The larger 44mm version has also been discounted coming in at $329 with GPS, or $429 with GPS + Cellular connectivity.

These models initially launched in 2019, and if they stick to their annual release cycle that they’ve followed since 2015, there could potentially be a successor model released later this year. Maybe Amazon made the decision to drop the price in anticipation of news of a new model that might come out of Apple’s WWDC scheduled for next week.

Perhaps hold off if you want to have the latest and greatest, but it’s not common to see this kind of generous discounts on Apple hardware, and the Series 5 is still perfectly capable hardware. It’s a tradeoff between potentially having an out of date device not long after you’ve bought it, versus getting a good deal on a model that might be on the way out.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is powered by an updated S5 system on a chip, offering better performance and power efficiency compared to previous generations. Apple also updated the Series 5 to double the amount of storage space compared to previous models, with 32GB onboard storage. The Apple Watch Series 5 is waterproof, and can even be used when swimming. Great for fitness tracking and use in adverse weather conditions.

It’s easily one of the best smartwatches on the market today and integrates very well with iOS devices. It won’t connect with devices outside of Apple’s ecosystem, so it’s only really viable for people already using Apple devices. Some functionality is available without being connected to an iPhone or iPad, but it would be quite limited.

Apple Watch Series 5 40mm, GPS – $299 delivered

Apple Watch Series 5 40mm, GPS + Cellular – $399 delivered

Apple Watch Series 5 44mm, GPS – $329 delivered

Apple Watch Series 5 44mm, GPS + Cellular – $429 – delivered