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Twitch Change Password

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Twitch isn’t having a great day with its source code and top earners’ information leaking, but reports are now coming in stating that password information may be compromised. Users need to set up two-factor authentication and change their passwords as soon as possible. Don’t worry, PC Guide has your back when it comes to the Twitch change password process.


Twitch Change Password

Twitch Change Password

First, let’s get your password changed so that your account is secure. Twitch does have a very strong password checker when changing your password, so we’d recommend a service like LastPass to generate a unique password that you can also save a record off securely.


Twitch Change Password - Get A New Password

Twitch Change Password

Click your profile picture on the top-right, or top left is using the app and go to the setting cog. Then, go for ‘Security and Privacy’ followed by ‘Password’. You’ll need to confirm your old password first, then confirm your new password twice.


Twitch Change Password - Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

Twitch Change Password

Under Security and Privacy Settings, you will also see the Two-Factor Authentication option. When setting up, enter your phone number then type in the 6-digit code that has been sent to you via SMS. You will also be prompted to use an authenticator app on your handset. This gives a one-time use code to use when logging into Twitch when using Two-Factor Authentication. In our example, we used Authy.

Now your Twitch change password issues should be resolved. Whenever possible, always use a complicated password backed up by two-factor authentication.

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