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Intel sunsets last 14nm 10th Gen processors and the 12900KS

The process Intel was stuck on for ages is finally going away as its tech moves on
Last Updated on July 6, 2024
Intel sunsets last 14nm 10th Gen processors and the 12900KS
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Intel has announced a new wave of product change notifications, which means that it is discontinuing the CPUs. Both the 10th Generation processors and i9 12th Gen got this update in July 2024 but there is still time to get the CPUs if you want them as the whole process takes plenty of months to complete (thanks to Videocardz).

The end-of-life announcement for the lineup comes as we are expecting to see the next generation of processors coming soon. The Intel 15th Gen rumors suggest that they will be coming by the end of the year. The Arrow Lake-S generation brings a lot of changes to the range, with a new socket and a new naming scheme alongside it.

10th Gen and 12900KS end of the life

The 10th Gen processors have lasted quite a while being released in 2020, and are the last available options that utilize the 14nm process. That is since even the 11th Gen had been discontinued last year, and finished in February of this year. So it’s going to be in July of 2025 that either of these comes into full effect and we no longer see any of these processors. That includes both boxed and tray versions (which are usually sent to system integrators) as it’s likely the newer generations are actually selling now.

The 12900KS is the special model that is the golden sample to lead the generation it is based on. In this case, the processor has a clock speed up to 5.5 GHz. but even then was quickly usurped by the next generation as the i7-13700K offered near identical specs for a lot less. So unless you’re looking for an upgrade to your LGA 1700 platform it’s no surprise it’s EOL but even then newer generations offer much more.

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