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iPhone 15 Pro Max is still overheating, needs to cool down during 4K recording

Apple's flagship phone is feeling the heat
Last Updated on April 16, 2024
iPhone 15 Pro Max is still overheating, needs to cool down after 4K recording
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Back when the iPhone 15 released in September 2023, there was some evidence of overheating issues, and it looks like they aren’t yet fully resolved according to a recent test. That being said, a number of high-end phones are subject to high temperatures when put through their paces, but the iPhone 15 Pro Max even stops you from using it for a limited time.

It’s a thoughtful safeguard, but not great news if you want to do some 4K 60FPS recording or any other else that’s particularly taxing. Apple previously said that they identified the cause of overheating, but perhaps there’s further work to be done, hopefully before the iPhone 16 release date.

iPhone 15 Pro Max overheats after 15 minutes of recording

This revelation comes courtesy of this post on X from TechDroider, who has been busy putting a number of phones to the test as part of a battery life experiment. Well, Apple’s current flagship phone – the iPhone 15 Pro Max – clearly couldn’t take the heat, clocking in temperatures of 52°C (that’s 125.6°F for reference). Testing was done within a room measuring 29°C/84.2°F and involves recording 4K 60FPS video for as long as possible. Apparently 15 minutes was enough for the titanium-cased phone.

Due to the high temperature, Apple implemented a feature to allow the phone to cool down, effectively putting it out of use until it returns to something a little more comfortable. It isn’t the first time users have complained about their iPhone 15 overheating either, which isn’t a great look. Even after several updates to iOS, the issue hasn’t really been resolved – maybe pointing to a hardware flaw or oversight. TechRadar reported that Apple store employees are even saying that this behavior is to be expected, so we may have to wait until the next generation for improvements.

Hand holding an iphone showing a temperature warning on the screen, indicating that the phone needs to cool down before use.
Image source: TechDroider

How does it compare versus its rivals?

You can check out the full results of this battery drain test just below as part of a comparison against the Honor Magic 6 Pro. Again, all thanks goes to TechDroider. Most of these phones clocked in similar temperatures, so the iPhone 15 Pro Max isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things. However, due to its lack of active cooling, we can see why overheating can more often become a problem – especially when alternatives like the Samsung S23 are better designed for heat dissipation thanks to use of a large vapor chamber.

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