Jellykey put coolest keycaps ever on sale

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Have you ever heard of Jellykey? Perhaps not, but they make expensive artisan keycaps for mechanical keyboards. They basically put a work of art at your fingertips and the latest extremely limited edition feature arcade cabinets.

You really need to take a look at the image and the video to see how cool these little things are. The attention to detail is beyond incredible, even the tiny joysticks move!

Do you need them on your keyboard? Of course not. Are they wild extravagance the likes you have never considered before? Yup.

There is a group buy ongoing on Jellykey’s page until May 2nd but be warned they are not cheap (like any art) costing $49 per cap or just over $300 for the full set.

In this age where everybody is trying to make their gear bespoke to themselves, there’s probably no finer way of getting your hands on something you will probably never see anybody else have.Take a look at the Arcade Cabinets keycaps and the full range over at Jellykey.

Oh and it’s my birthday soon. Just sayin’