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Jumper Tech made a mini PC that looks like a Tesla Cybertruck and it even has functional doors

We doubt it will see mass production
Last Updated on June 6, 2024
Jumper Tech made a mini PC that looks like a Tesla Cybertruck and it even has functional doors
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Having a novelty aspect to your computer seems to be becoming more and more popular, with innovations such as this Raspberry Pi gaming PC case. Now a company named Jumper Tech seems to have shown up at Computex with another novel design, and this one might take the top spot.

This PC seems to be inspired by Tesla’s iconic Cybertruck and is designed as such. Despite the unique aesthetics, there may be a few issues with the design as a functional computer.

What does the Cybertruck mini-PC have to offer?

Jumper seems to be showing off an intriguing design at this years Computex, the Cybertruck Mini-PC. This was snapped by Domenico Lamberti on X during his visit to the convention in Taipei, so all credit goes to him. By the looks of it though, it’s more of a special Computex showcase than a product planned for launch.

While this design is certainly impressive, it still needs to be functional. The trunk of the car seems to be the place where the main PC components are hidden, this makes the most sense as it’s the most spacious area of the design. The doors of the car are actually functional and can be opened, with one working as a power switch. The headlights and tail lights also have a role to play. Each of the lights will illuminate when indicating PC activity or storage status.

Promotional image of the Jumper Mini PC,
Promotional image of the Jumper Mini PC, image credit: Domenico Lamberti

The connectors are also disguised in the design of this PC. To access them you have to open the bumper at the back of the car where they are concealed. The image above demonstrates what the connector slot looks like with the bumper open. The ports available in this PC are one USB Type-A, two USB Type-C, and HDMI ports.

Revealing the images of the Cybertruck has certainly increased anticipation around this product. However, there has been no information revealed about specific specifications, release dates, or pricing information. Potentially this product was simply a way of Jumper garnering a bit more attention at Computex. Either way, we’re excited about its launch and will be staying up-to-date on everything we hear. So, if you’re interested in this product, stay tuned as we’ll be reporting on all that we know.

Cybertruck Mini PC next to a laptop for scale
Cybertruck Mini PC next to a laptop for scale, image credit: Domenico Lamberti

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