LG’s New OLED Flex is Both a Flatscreen and Curved TV in One

LG is pulling out all the stops for IFA Berlin this week, debuting a bendable TV with some series gaming peripherals.

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LG is flexing its technological muscles in the run-up to IFA Berlin with the debut of an all-new 42in OLED TV model that can literally bend to a user’s own needs.

The LG OLED Flex proves to be an interesting new device as it lends both a curved (900R) and flatscreen panel to its customers via a dedicated button on its remote. It features a total of 20 varied levels of curvature, added in five percent increments, gifting customers the best of both worlds.

Despite its TV namesake, the LG OLED Flex appears to be more so tailored toward gaming audiences, due largely to the multitude of underlying features, like an auto low latency mode, VRR via HDMI 2.1, and both AMD’s FreeeSync and Nvidia’s G-Sync screen stuttering and tearing reduction technology.

As with most modern TVs and monitors, the LX3 will also come resplendent with all the necessary bells and whistles, such as 4K 120Hz and Dolby Vision. It may not be as powerful refresh rate-wise as its 240Hz OLED gaming monitor brethren, but the OLED Flex still packs enough power for the sharpest image quality.

Those who like to multitask will get the most out of the 42in LG OLED Flex, as it sports a Multi-View mode, allowing multiple forms of content to be experienced at one time. LG has integrated its gaming application into the TV too, making quick trips to either YouTube or Twitch all the more streamlined.

Gaming is made even more robust through the LG OLED Flex, as the TV’s 42in size can even be lowered to either 27in or 32in for gamers who may want to play within a smaller screen. It will also have a height-adjustable stand so that users can move the screen closer or farther away from their eyes.

There are no official price listings or a release date just yet, as the firm will be debuting the LG OLED Flex TV at IFA Berlin in the coming days, alongside a massive 97in OLED TV that boasts a $25,000 price tag.

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