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Microsoft has released Windows 11 24H2 only for Copilot+ PCs, but you’re not missing out on much

Not much to see here, wait for the full release
Last Updated on June 19, 2024
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Windows 11 users are eagerly waiting for the full release of the 24H2 version. This version is expected to bring plenty of new features and improvements. It is currently available for Insiders, but only for testing purposes. However, it seems like Microsoft has taken a different approach this time by releasing the 24H2 version for Microsoft Copilot+ PCs.

Copilot+ PCs come with the Windows 11 24H2 version

The Windows 11 24H2 version has been officially released for Microsoft Copilot+ PCs, which were launched yesterday with the version pre-installed. This means that when you first start your Copilot+ PC, it will already have the 24H2 version, so you won’t have to worry about downloading and updating it manually. The version will be KB5039239, which is the latest one.

In addition to Copilot+ PCs, Windows Insiders can download the latest 24H2 update. However, regular Windows users will have to wait until it is officially released by Microsoft for all devices. According to Microsoft, the update fixes various issues that users were facing on the 24H2 version, including Bluetooth Audio problems. Also, the bug that was preventing games with BattleEye anti-cheat from working has been fixed. In addition to this, the update has pinned Copilot to the taskbar so users can access it easily.

Microsoft has also confirmed that they are aware of an issue in the latest update that is preventing people with ARM devices from downloading and playing Roblox from the Microsoft Store on Windows. While they are working on a fix for it, Microsoft suggests downloading the game directly from its official website instead to overcome the issue.

Are you missing out on anything?

Those who don’t have a Copilot+ PC or are not an Insider will need to wait for Microsoft to release the 24H2 version across all Windows 11-powered devices, which is rumored to happen in September this year. However, as noted by TechRadar, you aren’t missing out on a lot by not installing the latest 24H2 update, as it hasn’t brought any new features.

Aside from a few bug fixes and the placement of Copilot in the taskbar, there isn’t anything important. So, you’re pretty much fine without it. But when the full version arrives, it will be definitely packed with features that may finally persuade users to switch to Windows 11.

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