Microsoft pushes for TPMs weeks before Windows 11 Launch

Marketing campaigns... it's always the marketing campaigns

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Microsoft’s next operating system is coming very soon and their marketing team is in full fire control as the company has refused to budge from the stance on the TPM 2.0 situation.

The TPM, a Trusted Platform Module, is a chip or embedded bit of software within the CPU that gives the thumbs up to your PC’s security while booting. As much as they’ve been around for a while now, the sudden springing of needing them sent everyone into a spiral of scalping, while also culling hardware that shouldn’t even be considered old.

Now, with a very – and I cannot stress how much I hate this – twee Tweet have begun their campaign over the next year or so, teaching people how to turn on their TPM. Which helps no one who is below the threshold and who this entire campaign is aimed at.

If you’re somewhat linked in with the tech bubble, you’ll have probably already sorted yourself out or are beginning to sort yourself out with an inevitable upgrade to Windows 11. But what about people who just aren’t particularly interested or knowledgable about their PC? How will they know that they can even upgrade when the time comes after following the instructions?

It’s a bizarre choice to commit to the bit after everyone immediately wanted it to go away and after an extensive beta period, which proved the software works just fine on just about anything, we’re still stuck having to deal with Windows 11’s weird needs.

For folk like us at PCGuide and presumably, a few of you reading, this is a nothing situation, but remember that someone out there is going to have bought a laptop just two years ago that probably won’t be able to keep up with Microsoft’s new focus and the plentiful updates and security features included.

But the fact that it’s also going to be part of this downright odd marketing campaign with cute little Tweets and posts, does absolutely make me feel ill. Corporations need to stop it.

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