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‘Move Search Bar To Top Of Screen’ Disabled On Android 12

But do you really need to?
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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That’s right Google fans. In favor of using Google’s new SearchApp that replaces the old Google search widget, it’s no longer possible to move the search bar to the top of screen Android. In addition to this, Google has also recently removed similar functionality on Google Chrome.

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Move Search Bar To Top Of Screen – Google AppSearch

Google AppSearch is a replacement for the dated Google Search bar widget. Rather than just being a mobile version of Google that clogs up your home screen, Google AppSearch also searches locally for the results you need. This might not sound like much of an improvement, but it’s part of Android 12s push for a sleeker operating system with common sense in mind.

Move Search Bar To Top Of Screen Android
The Search Bar Is Almost Hidden On Android 12 Home Screen

You no longer need to open your specific streaming app for the video or track you need, just pop it into Google AppSeach and it will find it and allow it to load up in-app instantly. It’s similar functionality to Google TV for Fire TV giving you recommendations from your installed apps, except you can search for what you need.

Move Search Bar To Top Of Screen – Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the stock web browser for vanilla versions of Android, which can also be used on any other version of Android. With gestures and swiping becoming the normal navigation tool for Android, it’s becoming impracticable for Android handsets to move the address bar in Google Chrome.

Move Search Bar To Top Of Screen Android
Sorry Chrome Fans

On Google Pixel, swiping up from the bottom of the screen brings up a user’s app drawer, which means having an address bar in the way would cause some seriously unfriendly interface issues. Users could install a split home panel by searching for Chrome Duet and enabling its functionality on the chrome flags website. There are still some cool features to mess around with, but they are all experimental, so use wisely.

Move Search Bar To Top Of Screen – You Don’t Need Too

Android 12 is designed with simplicity and common sense in mind, which means there’s still some great real estate on your Android 12 handset home screen. It’s also optimized for some great gesture controls, that can take a little while to get used to, but ultimately feel more intuitive. When considering accessibility and one-handed use of a handset, the positioning of the Google SearchApp is well-placed. Considering SearchApp is going to become the gateway to applications on Android 12 handsets, that’s a good thing.

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