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MSI finally agrees to support ‘less-expensive’ QD-OLED displays with firmware updates

MAG-series set to enjoy mid-July firmware updates
Last Updated on June 27, 2024
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MSI has finally agreed to support its MAG QD-OLED monitors with firmware updates, according to TFT Central in a recent post. This comes after an MSI product manager previously stating otherwise in a Reddit Q&A.

MSI left fans of their OLED display range triggered when stating that it will not support its MSI MAG-series of QD-OLED panels with firmware support on Reddit earlier this year. The brand said in an “Everything you need to know: MSI QD-OLEDs” discussion that “You are correct. The MAG 321UPX QD-OLED will NOT support software updates”.

The statement wasn’t received well by the community, with many asking for price reductions to offset the lack of upgradability. One Redditor says “Just make the price difference big enough so it makes sense. Some people spreading rumors it’s just a 50$ difference”.

The monitors in question are part of the brand’s ‘less-expensive’ MAG series, but could still set you back $900, depending on what model you choose. In contrast, the more premium MPG series does have firmware support – and according to TFT Central, has seen some “pretty significant updates and enhancements already”.

Since then, the brands has made a fairly drastic U-turn on its original statement. Reported by TFT Central (and VideoCardz), the brand have been working on changing its stance on this matter for some time now, with “firmware updates available to the 27” MAG 271QPX and 32” MAG 321UPX monitors soon”.

The updates are reported to land mid-July for the 27″ MAG 271QPX & 32″ MAG 321UPX models.

MSI offers firmware support for less-expensive MAG OLED models

While the news of potential firmware updates for the brand’s MAG OLED models is great, there are some stipulations.

(Image source: TFT Central)

Firstly, the firmware updates that are set to arrive in mid-July will only be available for users who bought the MAG 271QPX and MAQ 321UPX with the latest firmware update. That means the current FW.012 for the MAG 271QPX or FW.015 for the MAG 321UPX.

(image source: TFT Central)

If you were one of the early adopters of MSI’s MAG series, then you’ll likely NOT have either of the above-mentioned firmware versions. For those individuals, you’ll have to take your MSI monitor to a service center – where they will perform the update for you. Beware though, the brand states that this is a one-time-only deal.

Regardless, the news is good and will likely win over a few disgruntled fans of the brand. For us, it’ll be interesting to see how MSI moves forward, using this experience as a lesson for future launches.

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