MSI RTX 4060 Ti Gaming PC bundle comes with a free gift and $50 in savings

The computer case, accompanied by a question mark, is part of the MSI gaming PC bundle.

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If you don’t want to go through the trouble of building a desktop setup from scratch, you’re in luck. This MSI RTX 4060 Ti gaming bundle that comes with a handy free gift would be the perfect solution for your home gaming and computing needs.

You can grab this desktop tower bundle on Newegg with a $50 discount, bringing its price down from $1,399 to $1,349. In addition, the free gift you get, a classy red-and-black MSI gaming headset, helps you save an additional $25. This practically gives you $75 more to spend on other parts. If you want cheaper peripherals and accessories to decorate your desktop with, check out this Crucial 500GB gaming SSD and this Logitech G815 mechanical gaming keyboard deal.

Why you’ll love this bundle

If you’re wary of investing this much into a gaming PC, have a look at some of its key features. Spoiler alert: its high-end specs ensure you can play the latest AAA games at the highest graphics settings with ease:

  • RTX 4060 Ti GPU: Fond of playing massive open-world adventures like Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3? This robust GPU will allow you to run these games with raytracing for a lifelike, immersive experience.
  • Intel Core i7-14700F CPU: Equipped with 20 cores and 28 threads, any task you run, whether it’s prolonged video editing or straight-up uninterrupted gaming, is sure to run smoothly.
  • 32GB DDR5 RAM: Boot up software at the press of a button and open multiple apps without any frustrating slowdowns with a whopping 32GB of DDR5 RAM.
  • 2TB PCIe SSD: 2TB storage should be enough to store even the heftiest video game backlogs. Just make sure not to install too many massive RPGs or CoD entries.

Where to buy the MSI RTX 4060 Ti gaming PC bundle?

This bundle is only available via Newegg. If you want to snag one, you’ll need to act fast; this package deal that includes a free gift will only be up for 10 more hours as of writing. Afterward, the $50 discount and the free gaming headset will disappear.

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