MSI to the rescue as Redditor’s RTX 3080 Suprim GPU gets replaced with next-gen equivalent

A next-gen replacement sounds good on paper, but is it a fair exchange?

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There comes a time in any PC’s life when its GPU displays both visible and frustratingly invisible issues. Sudden rattling noises and drastically reduced frame rates are just some of the more common problems that come to mind. Luckily, if you catch it early, you can return it to the manufacturer for a fresh replacement, which is precisely what this fortunate Redditor recently went through with their RTX 3080 GPU.

According to their experience, their RTX 3080 MSI Suprim had started exhibiting the telltale signs of a GPU in its late stages of life. Before it bit the dust, however, they did what any PC owner would do and attempted to have it replaced. But instead of being presented with a new RTX 3080, they were offered a different piece: an RTX 4070 Ventus. Now, most people would probably jump at the opportunity of getting a new graphics card for an older dysfunctional model. However, the concerned Redditor was not fooled; they ended their post by asking if it was a worthy replacement. Spoiler alert: the responses weren’t surprising.

The numbers, what do they mean?

Now, those unfamiliar with the GPU hierarchy may think an RTX 4070 is a step up from the lesser-numbered 3080. However, this isn’t quite the case, as the 3080’s performance is nearly similar to that of the 4070’s. According to a Redditor’s comprehensive GPU comparison chart, their benchmark results are only separated by a small percentage. It is worth noting that the latter is more power-efficient, giving it a slight edge in overall value.

Several user reactions below the original thread echoed this sentiment, as most called it a fair exchange. What’s surprising, though, is how some recommended pushing for a higher-tier GPU, like a 4080, with the reasoning being the 3080 Suprim’s former premium price tag. Predictably enough, other users criticized these suggestions, as the difference in performance is glaring and would likely lead to rejection.

The post creator has since revealed that they’ll receive a response early next week regarding their desired replacement. No matter what this concerned Redditor gets, though, it’s safe to say that MSI will send them an equal, if not better, replacement they can plug into their PC immediately.

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