MyQ Down – Amazon Key or MyQ services aren’t working

Want to get access to your smart garage doors? You might have to wait a while...

My Q Down Feature

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Chamberlain Group, the brains behind Amazon Key and myQ, have confirmed myQ down issues across the US. Taking to Twitter, there’s currently no confirmation on when this will be fixed, potentially leaving people locked out of their garages and homes:

Customers are calling it how they see it on Twitter

The reported myQ down instances on Down Detector are few and far between, however, which isn’t normally the case when a major app goes down:

Only a small number of users are reporting the myQ down issues

It looks like Chamberlain Group isn’t in any rush to sort out the issues either, judging from one Twitter user:

myQ is a smart access app that allows users to easily open, close, or check the status of garage or commercial doors, gates, or lighting anywhere using a smartphone with the app installed. However, a centralized system that goes down is at the mercy of the company running it. There have been many calls for decentralized digital services and servers, but that’s a hard sell to companies who don’t want to play ball with others.

The myQ app currently sits at 4.8/5 on the Apple App store with glowing reviews, which suggests the My Q down issues are a one-off and should hopefully be resolved soon.