Netgear unveils slightly cheaper Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

If you prefer mesh rather than mess when it comes to internet wiring this could be for you

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Netgear’s Orbi mesh router that had support for Wifi 6 was a popular release last fall, despite a relatively eye-watering price. For people who needed rock-solid stability and great speeds around the home though it was a great offering, that for many was worth the high-ticket price.

Netgear has now unveiled the catchily named RBK752 lands more in the midrange with a lower price and decreased specs. It is still going to set you back around $450, which is not to be sneezed at, but for that price, you at least get a decent mesh system.

If you have a larger area you need to cover you can get a pack with two mesh satellites, and the router for $600 and additional satellites are $280 after that.

Adding a wifi mesh to your setup is very much an extravagance for many people but at a time where more people have been working from home, and perhaps discovering for the first time how poor their wifi can be in certain parts of the property, it is often a quality-of-life upgrade that you will wonder how you ever did without.

One caveat here is if you have an older Netgear Orbi model with Wifi 5 rather than Wifi 6, you can’t mix and match these setups. You will have to begin from scratch as the new units are incompatible with the older gear.

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