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Nvidia app now allows for 120 FPS AV1 recording in massive boost to efficiency

Improved encoding, and less burden on your storage
Last Updated on June 4, 2024
Nvidia app now allows for 120 FPS AV1 recording in massive boost to efficiency
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During Computex 2024, Nvidia has confirmed several new features, such as Auto Tuning, that are coming to the Nvidia app. These features are meant to make things easier for users and improve their overall experience. As part of the update, the Nvidia app is also getting support for different video encodings, and you’ll also get the luxury of recording your gameplay at higher framerates.

Better gameplay recordings

Nvidia has introduced support for AV1 SDR and HDR video encoding in the Nvidia app. This will improve the clarity and quality of your recordings. However, it will be available only for those who have an RTX 40-series GPU. Nvidia claims that AV1 “improves encoding efficiency by 40%, producing higher-quality videos without requiring more disk space.”

Another feature being introduced to the Nvidia app is the ability to record your gameplay at 120 frames per second, which will make your videos smoother. While this will be available for everyone, those with an RTX 40-series GPU will be able to record higher-quality videos thanks to AV1. So, if you regularly record your gameplay, this new feature is going to benefit you a lot.

To manage the Video Capture settings, open the Nvidia app, click Settings, and enable the Nvidia overlay. Then, press Alt + Z to open the overlay, access the settings, and click on ‘Video Capture.’ From here, you can adjust settings such as quality, resolution, frame rate, codec, and bit rate.

A screenshot of video capture settings showing options for desktop capture, instant replay length, quality, resolution, frame rate, codec, and bit rate. The bit rate slider is set to 25 Mbps.
Video Capture settings (Image source: Nvidia)

It is important to keep in mind that the new features are available only in the beta version of the Nvidia app. This means that Nvidia will first test the features and then decide whether it’s safe to add them to the full version of the app or not. In any case, it’s great to see that Nvidia is introducing features that will greatly assist those who regularly record their gameplays. It will also be interesting to see if Project G-Assist will be able to help users with this in any way in the future.

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