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Nvidia Chat with RTX is the GPU chatbot you need a few years from now

Chat with RTX may not quite be ready yet, but watch out once it is.
Last Updated on February 14, 2024
A comparison between the Nvidia GTX 1070 and the Nvidia GPU Chatbot.
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Initially announced towards the beginning of the year, Nvidia has finally launched its GPU chatbot, Chat with RTX, to much acclaim. Despite being similar in premise to ChatGPT, Chat with RTX’s convenient design provides faster and more secure results since it’s directly connected to your PC’s graphics card. However, since the software is still in its early days, it’s also predictably garnered plenty of criticism.

Now, it’s worth noting that this demo app isn’t open to all Nvidia GPU owners. Only those with an RTX 30 or 40 series/RTX Ampere or Ada Generation graphics card with at least 8 GB of VRAM can download and install it onto their systems. Windows 10 users also won’t be able to use it effectively since it only runs on Windows 11. However, some people have reportedly been able to use it on the former, so these system requirements may not be all that strict. Unfortunately, even if you meet all the requirements, there will also be times when it won’t install or function as intended, and the problem lies therein.

A few issues to work out

As mentioned above, several users on Reddit have continuously reported failed installations despite meeting the requirements. But even users who successfully installed Nvidia’s chatbot, like The Verge’s Tom Warren, encountered glaring issues that make it difficult to use – at least, for the time being. According to Warren’s hands-on experience, video transcription, in particular, is seemingly its biggest problem since it sometimes pulls dialogue from an entirely different video.

However, Chat with RTX was apparently helpful when scanning through mountains of text-heavy files. It can effortlessly summarize information using a few keywords without manually sifting through tons of documents, which can be especially helpful for those doing heavy research tasks. Of course, with its current bugs, this is still undoubtedly a work in progress (it is a demo app, after all), so it may not be a while until the finished product arrives.

Once it does, though, its capabilities will surely be a boon to any Nvidia GPU user, though you may want to upgrade before that time comes. If you don’t have a 30- or 40-series graphics card yet, check out this RTX 4070 Ti Super deal so you can grab one. If you want a cheaper alternative, take a look at this MSI RTX 3070 GPU deal instead.

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