Microsoft Office 2021 – Features and Pricing

Pay once for Office 2021

Office 2021

Office 2021 release day is here! For users who don’t want to be tied into a monthly subscription, Office 2021 is a flat rate experience. Here’s the pricing below:

  • Office Home and Student 2021 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams): $149.99 
  • Office Home And Business 2021 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook): $249.99

Whilst the price increase seems a little dramatic for the addition of Microsoft Outlook with Office Home and Business 2021, this does include the right to use the package for commercial purposes. Office 2021 comes as a welcome proposal for Windows 10, Windows 11, and macOS users that just want to pay for a product once, not monthly.

Office 2021 Features

There’s a host of new features coming to Office 2021, some of which used to be Office 365 features. Here’s the full list:

Office 2021 – Microsoft Excel

  • XLOOKUP: Find everything you need in a table or range, row by row.
  • Dynamic Arrays: Six new functions return multiple values (FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, AND RANDARRAY.
  • Let Function: Now you can assign names to calculation results.
  • XMATCH Function: Searches for a specified item in an array or range of cells and returns its position.
Everyone Is Here

Office 2021 – Microsoft Powerpoint 

  • Improved Record Slide Show: Now supports presenter video, ink, and laser pointer recording.
  • Replay Ink Strokes: Illustrate ideas step-by-step with pause and resume support.
  • Arrange Elements For Screen Readers: See elements in screen-reading order or rearrange.

Office 2021 – Microsoft Outlook

  • Translate and Ink: Translate emails into over 70 different languages and annotate using your finger, pen, or mouse.
  • Instant Search: Use the search bar to find email messages

Office 2021 – Microsoft Access

  • Updated Link Table Manager: Refresh, relink or remove linked tables.
  • Date/Time Extended Data Type: SQL DateTime 2 to enhance syntax compatibility with SQL.
  • Enhanced Tabs: Clearly see active tabs. Drag and close with one click.
Simple Yet Intuitive Design

Office 2021 – Microsoft Visio

  • New Stencils And Shapes: Create more diagrams for multiple uses.
  • New AWS Stencils And Shapes: Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure shapes now supported.

Office 2021 – General Feature Updates

  • Hex Color Value: New input field eliminates the need to convert RGB color values into Hex color values.
  • New Sketched Style Outline: Give a casual and hand-shaped look to shapes in presentations.
  • OpenDocument Format Support: .ODF support is now included.
  • OneDrive Support: All documents autosave.
  • Updated Draw Tab: Quickly access color palette and point eraser, ruler, and lasso.
  • Improved Performance: Improved performance, stability, and speed
  • Microsoft Search: Search across all Office 2021 applications.
  • Updated Stock Media: Content added to the Office Premium Content collection.
  • Visual Refresh: A new clean and clear style that communicates action and features with simple visuals.

For all things Microsoft and Windows 11, bookmark and check out our Windows 11 Hub.

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