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Raspberry Pi OS has finally updated to Linux 6.6 LTS

Last Updated on March 15, 2024
Linux 6.6 kernel with support for Raspberry Pi.
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Raspberry Pi models are nothing short of impressive, especially for their small size. But, with the latest update for the Debian-based OS for Raspberry Pi, users are getting something special. Now, it’s possible to run Linux 6.6 long-term support on their systems.

The update came out on March 12 as seen on the official website download for Raspberry Pi OS. This update officially supports the Linux 6.6 LTS kernal. Previous releases have supported the Linux 6.1 kernal, so this is a huge step up for the latest Raspberry Pi OS. You’re able to use your Raspberry Pi system to update to the latest OS now. Or, you can download it directly from the website. Either way, you’re now able to run the updated kernal on any Raspberry Pi-supported system.

Linux 6.6 LTS is implemented into the latest update for Raspberry Pi OS

Among other changes made, Raspberry Pi also included the latest versions of both Mozilla Firefox 123 and Chromium 122 web browsers for the operating system. The dark theme that was released with the previous OS update has been updated. This was to fix the error where certain icons weren’t displayed correctly.

All of this housekeeping also includes various quality-of-life updates, such as bug fixes. These include the memory leaks that could occur in the Bluetooth and Volume menus and a crash that could occur whenever you close a window with non-GTK headerbars. The full changelog has been released to check out. You’re free to browse all the fixes and patches that came with the OS update.

Raspberry Pi OS has been stuck on the 6.1 LTS kernal for far too long now. So, it’s wonderful to see this change finally come. The latest Linux LTS was not released that long ago, and to see it implemented into the latest Raspberry Pi OS is a welcome change. This was a long overdue upgrade, and Raspberry Pi OS users are sure to be pleased with all the new features that have arrived.

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