Samsung Galaxy A55 5G launched in several regions – but not the US

There's nothing sighted for any US launch yet

Samsung Galaxy A55 launch

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The Samsung Galaxy A55 has launched in several regions around the world, but not the US – as the specific US and wider North American launch remains unknown so far. One of the most anticipated ‘mid-range’ smartphones of the year, the A55 is looking to take the company’s A-series forward in capabilities and specs, alongside the A35. But there’s no clear word on when the US will see either phone.

There’s no suggestion the new model won’t be available in the US, but quite when it will be is unknown. Today, March 11th, Samsung announced the A55 and A35 have launched in several regions worldwide. Like the UK and the EU, those regions saw specific launch announcements, with the availability of both noted in the UK as being March 20th.

Varying global releases for new tech aren’t uncommon and as expected Samsung’s global newsroom has focused on a news release highlighting an ‘engineered for everyone’ focus. The global press release also confirms some specifications associated with the new models (as you’d expect). Meanwhile, Samsung’s US newsroom has no new information available on the upcoming models.

Pricing but not much else

While the lack of US or North American information means certainty around stating an arrival is impossible, a March 20th UK release could mean US availability may also be seen this month. But more tangible is the fact that we have UK pricing information. Using that to derive theoretical US pricing for the A55 would look like this:

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G RRP:

  • 8GB Memory + 128GB Storage, £439 ($525 USD)
  • 8GB Memory + 256GB Storage, £489 ($580 USD)

Those prices are about where we’d expect mid-range smartphones to be – circa $500 – so there’s little too surprising there.

Naturally, you can expect us to be keeping up to date on the latest info around the US launch of the new A series models on our Samsung Galaxy A series hub page – and the latest news around Google’s rival, the Pixel 8a.

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