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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leak says a fix for Night Mode issue is on its way

Say "night, night" to this pesky Night Mode issue.
Last Updated on February 14, 2024
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leak
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Despite being among the best in the market, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra isn’t devoid of minor issues, especially with its high-end camera. Its Night Mode, in particular, has one minor issue that prevents users from maximizing its potential. Luckily, it seems a fix for this camera-related issue is on its way, so you can soon enjoy taking photos without any hitches.

That’s according to a leak from known Twitter/X insider Ice Universe. According to their recent post, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s next update will reportedly optimize its telephoto quality, which they helped showcase through a side-by-side image comparison. Naturally, their before-and-after photos drastically differed in quality, with the updated camera providing clearer outlines and sharper details.

Night Mode bug, begone

This leak on the alleged upcoming fix should also address the noticeable Night Mode issue plaguing the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra until now. For those unfamiliar, the problem in question stems from its 10x camera zoom. When used to take photos at night especially, this turns the image’s quality into a grainy mess, making it look like it was taken with an old-school flip phone.

Of course, the helpful Samsung community has already provided temporary solutions to this problem. One Twitter/X user recommended turning off Auto-Switch in the Camera Assistant to eliminate the 10x zoom issue, while another suggested turning on HEIF mode. But although both pieces of advice are helpful, it would be infinitely more convenient if users didn’t have to tinker with their phones just to achieve the perfect image quality. Fortunately, if this Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leak is to be believed, the upcoming update will do just that.

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