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Silent Hill creator’s next game, Slitterhead, gets Steam Deck support teased

Slitterhead on the Steam Deck?
Last Updated on July 2, 2024
Slitterhead promotional image on Steam Deck mock-up
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Slitterhead’s reveal was undeniably exciting. The Silent Hill vibes, the action-horror blend, and the involvement of Keiichiro Toyama piqued the interest of many, ourselves included. It sparked the question: how well would this translate to the Steam Deck? While a definitive answer is still out there, there’s a recent development that hints at potential. Bokeh Game Studio, the developers, shared a screenshot of Slitterhead running on the Steam Deck on their X account.

This is intriguing, but it’s important to temper expectations. The lack of performance details leaves room for questions. While their showcase on the Deck is a positive sign, it doesn’t guarantee a flawless experience. Optimization remains a question mark.

Slitterhead running on a Steam Deck – Image Source: BokehGameStudio on X

Steam Deck performance for Slitterhead

Slitterhead’s Steam release date of November 8th keeps the wait going. The glimpse from Bokeh Game Studio is encouraging, but with no specifics about performance, it’s best to hold off on pronouncements of perfect compatibility. Hopefully, as the launch approaches, we’ll get more information on optimization. The minimum system requirements at the moment list a GTX 1060 or RX 580, two discrete graphics cards that aren’t miles away from being Steam Deck equivalents.

The dark world of Kowloon certainly seems like a good fit for the Steam Deck’s portability. However, translating that atmosphere and gameplay to a handheld format with potential limitations requires time.

We’re cautiously optimistic

While the developer’s tease and the genre’s potential for handheld play spark interest, it’s important to be cautious. Slitterhead remains a title to keep an eye on, especially for Steam Deck owners. Here’s hoping for continued developments and more concrete information about optimization in the coming months.

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