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Some Nvidia driver updates are wiping user’s color settings

Be sure to double-check your color settings after a Nvidia Drivers update
Last Updated on May 22, 2024
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If you’re someone who relies on the color accuracy of your monitor for everyday tasks then you’ll understand how important it is to be in control of your PC color settings. Although not widely reported, some users have taken to Reddit to discuss their experience with Nvidia driver updates and how that can have an effect on the color settings of your monitor. It’s definitely a more minor issue, however, it’s still important to note so that you can be aware the next time your drivers are due an update.

Double-check your color settings after a Nvidia driver update

Updating your drivers is an important step in improving the performance and stability of your system, it can prevent compatibility issues and reduce the risk of vulnerabilities within your rig. It’s a simple, worthwhile process that we’ve summed up in our Nvidia drivers update guide.

Despite its apparent benefits, some Nvidia owners have noticed how updating their drivers has led to their monitor’s color settings being wiped. A post on Reddit discusses this issue and sheds light on how you may want to double-check the color depth and dynamic range of your system after a driver update. According to this post, after updating their Nvidia drivers this person found that the color setting on their monitor had been completely reset. Although this wasn’t happening every time after an update, it still occurred more than once.

It’s unclear what caused this problem, and although it seems like a significant annoyance it’s definitely not a widespread issue. However, if you’re someone who relies on the color settings of your monitor to be consistent, e.g. video/photo editing, then this would be a definite hindrance to your work. Therefore, we suggest that after a driver update, you double-check your color settings to ensure that they haven’t been wiped, to do this you can go to Nvidia Control Panel > Change Resolution > Use Nvidia color settings > set color depth to the highest level and dynamic range to full.

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