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Speculation around a possible Blackwell ‘5000 series’ GPU announcement at SIGGRAPH 2024 continue to circle

New GPUs coming soon?
Last Updated on June 14, 2024
Rumor of consumer-grade Blackwell GPU announcement at SIGGRAPH 2024, the latest in Nvidia's roadmap
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Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, will be a keynote speaker at SIGGRAPH 2024, and Wccftech is already fantasizing about the potential announcements he might make – and we’re all for it.

The chief executive is said to be discussing “Graphics for the New Computing Revolution.” SIGGRAPH is a leading conference focused on computer graphics advancements, and Huang’s address is anticipated to explore the latest developments in this field. The conference runs from July 28 to August 1, with the keynote scheduled for July 29. This follows appearances at GTC and Computex earlier this year. Many are wondering if this appearance is setting up the launch of the consumer-grade Blackwell GPUs. Let’s discuss.

Nvidia’s GPU Roadmap – Image Source: Nvidia

Last year at SIGGRAPH, Nvidia revealed new RTX Ada workstation GPUs and updates to the Hopper architecture. Speculation suggests the company might use this year’s event to either update its consumer GPU roadmap or provide a glimpse into its next-generation workstation graphics offerings. While details are unknown, there’s a chance Nvidia might tease its upcoming Blackwell consumer GPUs, rumored for release later in 2024. Internal roadmaps reportedly mention “Blackwell Ultra,” “Rubin,” and “Rubin Ultra” chips, hinting at potential product lines. However, unlike the client/AI roadmap updates, the consumer GPU roadmap hasn’t seen significant changes in recent years.

Another focus of Huang’s keynote is likely to be Nvidia’s advancements in computer graphics, particularly the company’s RTX technology. RTX has become a prominent force in the industry, powering high-end gaming and content creation applications.

In summary, Jensen Huang’s SIGGRAPH 2024 keynote is expected to shed light on Nvidia’s vision for the future of computer graphics. Whether it’s updates on consumer GPUs, workstation offerings, or further details on RTX technology, the event promises to be a significant one for the industry.

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