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Steam Remote Play now supports full HDR, but Steam Deck users are missing out

Steam Deck users are missing out
Last Updated on May 21, 2024
Steam Deck users left disappointed by HDR update
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As the latest client update rolls out for Steam Remote, it appears Steam Deck users may not be able to reap the benefits just yet. The client update in question has added support for full HDR streaming from a Windows PC using Nvidia or AMD hardware acceleration to another Windows PC or Mac with an HDR display. However, Steam Deck users are struggling to send HDR from their PC to their device.

The latest client update

Let’s take a look at the client update and unpack what it all means. In order to for the computer to receive the stream, you must have enhanced 1080p or 4K enabled in Steam Remote Play, which can be found in the advanced client settings. However, users are noting that even with HDR enabled on their PC, their Steam Deck is unable to process HDR visuals, with the final product appearing too dark to play. This seems to be because the Steam Deck has a different operating system. Steam Deck uses a custom operating system, called SteamOS, which is based on Linux – meaning it does not have the full HDR compatibility that Windows or Mac now have according the patch notes below:

  • Increased brightness of HDR streaming
  • Added support for full HDR to HDR streaming when streaming from a Windows PC using NVIDIA or AMD hardware acceleration to another Windows PC or Mac with an HDR display. The computer receiving the stream must have Enhanced 1080p or 4K enabled in the Steam Remote Play advanced client settings.

Also included in the patch are increased brightness of HDR streaming. For full patch notes, head over the official Steam website.

Outcome for Steam Deck users

Well, for now, Steam Deck users will have to sit on the sidelines when it comes to HDR support. This will be disappointing for a lot of Steam Deck users given that this device should be top tier for all remote play since it’s a handheld. Unfortunately, this does feel like a real missed opportunity for the Steam Deck, especially for an OLED model which should be capable of good HDR visuals across the board. There is no word yet on whether Steam is looking into the issue or if they have begun to resolve it.

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