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The first Intel Lunar Lake CPU has allegedly been spotted

Last Updated on April 5, 2024
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The Lunar Lake CPUs have been arousing plenty of rumors. The latest one is major, though, seemingly having the CPUs be a part of the upcoming Intel Core 200 series. This means there will be three different architectures included in the Core 200 series; Arrow Lake, Raptor Lake Refresh, and now Lunar Lake.

This leak, courtesy of Miktdt on Twitter and spotted by VideoCardz, supposedly reveals the first named CPU with the Lunar Lake architecture. It’s known as the Intel Core Ultra 5 234V. The V in the title is what denotes it as a Lunar Lake processor. Other letters like H, HX, and U and used for Arrow Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh architecture.

One of the first Intel CPUs featuring the Lunar Lake architecture has been leaked

Also in the tweet, it’s confirmed that the Intel Core Ultra 5 234V will feature 8 cores. This is broken down into 4 p-cores and 4 e-cores respectively. Lunar Lake chips have been designed specifically for thin and sleek laptops, providing solid power for notebooks that don’t require a lot of it. The Ultra moniker given in the name also denotes it as a Lunar Lake. Only Lunar Lake or Arrow Lake architecture CPUs will get the Ultra title.

The low-power Lunar Lake processors so far haven’t had any official names. This leak is the first one that gives a hint as to what the next Intel Core 200 series will feature when it comes to naming the new line of CPUs. It can be somewhat confusing, as Lunar Lake is not meant for high power and performance. So why did it receive the Ultra title? It seems Intel wants consumers to know which processors are the new silicon versus which ones instead have Raptor Lake Refresh.

Unfortunately, there is still no official date on when we can expect the Core Ultra 5 234V or the rest of the Lunar Lake CPUs. However, we do know that the silicon is debuting sometime this year. Even with no update on the launch, this news is still solid. A clearer naming scheme than what Intel has previously gone with will benefit both hardcore enthusiasts and casual hobbyists.

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