The Galaxy Watch 7 could see a launch with a brand-new variant

Three Galaxy Watch Series 7 variants displaying colorful digital clocks against a purple and blue gradient background.

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The Galaxy Watch 7 series is on its way. A long-time favorite of many users, smartwatch fans are already keeping their eyes on the latest series from Samsung. But, a new leak suggests something exciting. The rumor suggests that it’s launching in three different variants for enthusiasts to choose from.

The rumor comes courtesy of Twitter, where user Kro says there are three different kinds of Galaxy Watches in series 7. These include the Classic, the Pro, and a brand-new type. While the Classic and Pro are long-term staples of Galaxy Watches, this third variant could be a game-changer. While nothing has been confirmed, it could be that the third variant is the Ultra that’s been rumored for a while now.

A third variant and a more efficient chipset could be on the way for Galaxy Watch 7

Besides the extra variant that could be coming, more rumors are floating around. Galaxy Watch 7 may have a new chipset underneath, the Exynos W940. This leak also comes from Twitter, where user TheGalox suggests that this new processor will be 50% more efficient, and 30% faster than the previous model. These are some huge performance gains if this is true. It could easily raise enthusiasm for the 7 series.

Samsung is planning to release series 7 of the Galaxy Watch in July this year. This release will also line up with the reveal of both the Galaxy Ring and the new foldable phones. Samsung has a big year planned for tech enthusiasts, and as soon as Galaxy Watch 7 is here, they’ll be able to feast their eyes on more upcoming tech.

A third variant for the Galaxy Watch is exciting news, as the Classic and Pro have been the standard for a while now. If the rumors are true, then the Ultra will be the ultimate rival to the Apple Watch Ultra. Leaks suggest impressive updates, most notably the Micro LED screen. More information is sure to be unveiled in the future, and we could get a first look at the new flagship Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.

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