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This device turns the Raspberry Pi into a full-blown retro console, but it’s not the full package yet

A new retro gaming console?
Last Updated on July 4, 2024
Someone turned their Raspberry Pi into a full blown retro console - but it's not the full package yet
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The Raspberry Pi’s potential as a retro gaming haven is undeniable at this point as we’ve seen countless transformations, from DIY emulation machines to giant retro screens. But what if you crave a classic console experience, complete with a dedicated case and familiar controls? This Pi-based Game Boy Advance? Well, yes, but there’s also another and it’s called the Heber MultiPi.

Heber Ltd. announced this exciting new product, designed to transform your Raspberry Pi into a full-fledged retro console. Pre-orders aren’t live yet, but glimpses on their social media have retro gamers buzzing. The MultiPi sports a stylish case reminiscent of classic consoles, complete with a cartridge slot – a delightful nod to the SNES era and a potential gateway for future expansions.

The Herber MultiPi – Image Source: Herber Ltd.

Flexibility is key for the MultiPi

Flexibility is key here. The MultiPi boasts seven USB ports, one internal and six external, ensuring you have ample connections for your favorite retro controllers. Software loading is equally versatile, offering options like USB drives, MicroSD cards, and even a PCIe X1 port. This freedom caters to your preferred method of storing and accessing your retro game library.

Herber MultiPi Announcement – @Herber_Limited on X

Here’s a crucial detail: the MultiPi doesn’t come pre-loaded with games or emulators. While this might sound like a hurdle, it empowers you to do it yourself – or at least that is what Herber Ltd. would like you to think. You get to choose the specific emulators you want to enjoy your favorite classic games on. This level of customization allows you to curate a truly personalized retro gaming experience. However, it is important to acknowledge that this spin will not be for everyone, leaving many with an additional challenge.

Heber Ltd. is keeping the momentum going, with pre-orders expected to open soon. If you want to get involved, then stay updated on their website and social media to be among the first to grab this exciting new console.

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