Three new Zen 3+ CPUs have been sneakily listed by AMD

AMD Ryzen 9 3900x processor with Zen 3+ architecture logo on a digital background.

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AMD has silently listed three new processors on their site, all featuring the Zen 3+ architecture. These CPUs are part of the Ryzen 7030 series, codenamed “Rembrandt”. While the launch hasn’t been officially announced yet, the SKUs have all been listed on AMD’s website.

The CPUs, first spotted by Wccftech, were quietly listed on AMD’s site. They are the Ryzen 5 7235H, Ryzen 5 7325HS, and Ryzen 7 7435H. All are based on the Zen 3+ core architecture. The 7235H and 7325HS are remarkably similar, being nearly identical when it comes to specs. However, the 7435H is a bit more high-end, receiving 8 cores and 16 threads when compared to the 4 cores and 8 threads on the aforementioned models.

Three Zen 3+ CPUs from AMD could be the next mid-tier mobile processors on the market

The Ryzen 7 7425H also gets a slightly higher max boost clock than the Ryzen 5 models. It comes in at up to 4.5 GHz, whereas the Ryzen 5’s are at 4.2 GHz. The 7235H is unlocked for overclocking, though, while the HS model isn’t. This appears to be the only difference between the Ryzen 5 models. On almost every other front, these Ryzen CPUs are pretty much the same all around.

These CPUs will most likely be coming to mobile platforms. Nowadays, that includes products like mini PCs and laptops. While pricing is still not known yet, it’s expected to be competitive for this range of mid-tier processors currently available. The Zen 3+ architecture has already been put to use on mobile tech successfully. These new CPUs will likely continue this trend.

AMD has yet to announce these CPUs officially. Since the SKUs have been listed, it’s highly likely we’ll be seeing something more official coming soon. Until then, we’ll have to wait for an official release to see how these Zen 3+ CPUs hold up their value when compared to their price.

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