Trump Campaign’s Twitter Account Banned for Spreading Misinformation

Facebook removed Trump's post with the same false claim, too

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Twitter temporarily banned President Trump’s campaign account, @TeamTrump, until it removed a tweet which violated Twitter’s rules

The tweet in question apparently included a video of an interview Trump did with Fox News, where he falsely claimed that children were “almost immune” to the coronavirus. The tweet now appears to have been deleted, which is likely why @TeamTrump is back to tweeting as usual.

Twitter has cracked down on fake news, especially in the face of Covid-19. In March this year, the company vowed to remove any content including fake news about coronavirus, including anything that went against what authorities were saying. 

Facebook’s focus on stopping the spread of misinformation has also increased during the pandemic, from adding new features to WhatsApp in order to combat the influx of chain messages including false information about Covid-19 and removing posts which have potential to cause harm by containing misleading information. Earlier today, Facebook also took down a Trump post which falsely claimed the same as the aforementioned tweet.