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Ultrahuman Ring provides smart metabolism tracking

And it can be paired with the company's M1 glucose tracking patch
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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Fitness tech company Ultrahuman is launching a smart ring product, designed to provide fitness, sleep, and motion tracking with a view to providing metabolic insights.

As the name suggests, the Ultrahuman Ring is a fitness tracker which sits on your finger and is potentially ideal for anyone not wanting a watch replacement.

The Ring features a PPG heart rate sensor, motion sensor, and motion sensor. Combined these provide monitoring of movement, sleep, and energy dynamics to help inform metabolic insights.

Interestingly, the Ring can also be paired with the Ultrahuman M1 patch to provide glucose insights. The M1 is a wearable patch that reports blood sugar data. So when combined, the Ring and M1 Patch can deliver information about the impact of food on recovery and performance. However, the Ring doesn’t need the M1 Patch to provide its own metabolic insights.

Speaking about the Ultrahuman Ring, Mohit Kumar, Founder and CEO of Ultrahuman, commented:

“We have always believed in the power of biomarkers in terms of their ability to make health optimization more efficient”.

“With the Ultrahuman ring and a new suite of metabolic biomarkers, you can now understand not just what’s affecting your glucose metabolism but also how to act on the insights in an efficient way.”

The product does sound a little data-heavy, but the Ring has a nice style to it. On first look, it could appear more chic fashion item fitness tech.

To focus on its tracking and a low profile throughout the day, Ultrahuman has made the Ring silent. This avoids vibration and notification interruptions, removing distractions and delivering all insights via the Ultrahuman app.

Design-wise, the Ring has a titanium body and is coated in tungsten carbide, for durability and scratch resistance. Ultrahuman states its battery offers an encouraging five days of use too.

The Ultrahuman Ring certainly isn’t the first smart-ring on the market. But it does now offer an alternative to the Oura Ring. Plus, when combined with the M1 Patch, it has the potential to offer some incredibly interesting insights.

It’s available for pre-order now, and users can choose between Aster Black, Cyber Grey, Space Silver, and Bionic Gold styles. For sizing, Ultrahuman is offering a range of standard sizes.

The regular price of the Ultrahuman Ring looks set to be $299. But pre-orders are available from $199 to $249 due to promotional ‘early order’ pricing.

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